Friday, April 8, 2011

A New School Chancellor? Or a Bloomberg's Puppett

video by Rafael Martínez Alequín
This is an un-edited video of Mayor Bloomberg announcing Deputy Mayor Dennis Walcott as the new School Chancellor.

Mayor Bloomberg Fire Chancellor Cathleen Black. Three hours later he appoint Deputy Mayor Dennis Walcott as the new city's school Chancellor. Again, Mayor Bloomberg pick a yes-man— without regard to the 1.1 million New York City students. Mr. Walcott even though a product of the city school system, he is also a yes man for the mayor. This is one of the most important job in the city. Most major city do a national search for educator to run their school system. It took Los Angeles six month on their national search to find one. Here in the city when former Chancellor Joel I. Klein resign the mayor the next day appoint Ms. Black without consulting no one. He did again today. Does the Mayor think that he can buy anything he want?
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