Saturday, June 12, 2010


Since December 2009, a group of high school students representing the Urban Youth Collaborative's Student Union and the Alliance of Students for Transportation Justice have been waging a student-led campaign to fight service cuts and Save STUDENT METRO CARDS!

Today, (Friday 11, 2010) over 2,000 high school students walk-out off their school and held a rally at City Hall Park and march across the Brooklyn Bridge. among them were several elected officials. Council Members Letitia James, Jumaane D. Williams, Deborah Rose and Robert Jackson, spoke on support of the student to save the Metro Cards.

Nazifa Mahbub 16, a junior at Long Island City High School on her speech said: "The criminalization of students will increase because the cuts will cause students to jump turnstiles and cut school resulting in our undocumented students getting picked up by truancy. If undocumented students get convicted more than one time then they might get deported. The number of arrest and fines will lead to deportation of our youth. Undocumented students will also be affected because there are already limited resources for undocumented students plus the Metro Card cuts will add a burden to the families. Undocumented families already have to pay for college tuition because they are not eligible for aid or scholarships."

See videos bellow of the rally.

Video by Rafael Martínez Alequín for

video by Rafael Martínez Alequín for YFP
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