Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Andrew Cuomo Re-Confirms His Youthful Acquaintance With The Doobie Brothers

State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo re-confirmed today that yes, he did try a little pot in his younger days.

That information's not new, but the way it came up was kind of interesting.

Cuomo was speaking at a news conference on fighting child pornography when he mentioned "hash values," a kind of numerical fingerprint carried by files and images. Cuomo's office has built a database of these fingerprints, so much the better to target the images and stop them from getting to the Web.

The mention of "hash values" sparked a question in the inquiring mind of NY1's Josh Robin -- had Cuomo ever smoked hash? (Really, what politician hasn't at least tried drugs?)

"What I've said -- the question's come up before, Josh, and I said I did experiment with marijuana when I was a youth. In no way do I suggest that any young people should do any experimentation whatsoever," the AG told Robin.

Cuomo said that's the limit of his illegal drug use.

Watch (Video shot by NY1):

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