Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The NYT Vs. Paterson: It's Personal: Sex Media and Politics Metastasize

By Gary Tilzer

The story that was leaked by Times reporters at a party and went viral on the Internet over the weekend. The governor will resign was the story. The story is now become the story. With the NYT at its center with it reputation on the line. NYP Dicker today "By sitting on their supposed blockbuster of a story for nearly two weeks, the Times' scribes have created a paralytic frenzy in state government the likes of which have never been seen before."

Paterson team is attacking the
NYT in the press and on the Internet at the same time they are meeting with them to offer their side of the story. "There is an accountability that should exist in the media. How do I get my reputation back? Because I don't believe I have done anything to deserve this kind of bashing," embattled Gov. David Paterson told the AP, condemning "callous and sleazy" assaults on his character.

NYP headlines has the gov saying "I did not have sex with that woman." Angry gov blasts raunchy rumorsFurious gov: I've been sexploited The governor hopes the *NYT get burned with this story the same way they did when they publishish what has become know as the sex story about John McCain just when his campaign for president was taking off in 2008. Consultants working on the Paterson reelection effort like Harold Ickes and Bill Lynch know how to push back against the media and they are doing so right now. The NYT who thinks they are above everyone, ride into town and fix the problem, has been sucked into the muck that has made New York the horror it has become. It is there fault for staying out of this show from hell for so long. It has now gotten to the point where we need a President Lincoln to send in the troops to put down the news gangs of New York. It is so out of control and the pol gangs have become so cleaver, the public so clueless and the media so weak that we have entered New York perfect storm, a civil war between former partner the media and the pols. New York is burning like Atlanta with unemployed, closed businesses and and sense of failure and believe anything.

Dicker in the NYP The wildest thing about the wild rumors sur rounding Gov. Paterson's supposedly imminent resignation is that everybody in the state Capitol -- indeed everybody in the state political community -- is ready to believe anything about the governor, no matter how bad it is. . . Have you heard about the governor regularly "double dating" with a beautiful younger woman other than his wife or about the real reason he was late on the scene at the tragic Buffalo commuter-plane crash or maybe the one about the wild sex and drug parties at the Executive Mansion? Albany runs wild amid titillating innuendo *** Poll-challenged Paterson swamped by rumor (
DN) *** Paterson written off by experts, pols as he fends off rumors of scandal *** Albany runs wild amid titillating innuendo *** Paterson said rumors of his imminent resignation are “callous and sleazy,” and unfounded. (AP) * “I don’t believe there’s any truth to any of this,” Lt. Gov. Richard Ravitch told the Daily News. (DN) * Here’s a roundup of some speculation about what the New York Times might publish in an expose of Paterson. (TU) *** Several sources interviewed by the Times indicated that reporters have spoken to the ex-girlfriend of Paterson aide David Johnson. (NYP) *** “Perhaps they’re bucking for the first Pulitzer Prize ever awarded for buzz,” Fred Dicker writes. (NYP) * Paterson met with the Times editorial board, where he said he would formally announce his campaign in the next few weeks. (NYT) *** News derivatives dip with stern Gov denial *** Paterson calls personal misconduct rumors 'sleazy'
In the Gov's Desperation Anything Goes In a state with high unemployment, middle class moving out, businesses closing and an upstate economy long suffering about to collapse Paterson is floating a tax increaseGov seeking biz-tax hike to help MTA *** Bloomberg bashes Gov. Paterson's 'terrible' plan to raise taxes in city and lower them in suburbs * The MTA plans to slash service this summer to help plug a growing budget deficit. The payroll tax plan would not be enough to stop the service cuts, the MTA said.

Joseph Mercurio Would you want to be a Democrat on the marginal list and run for congress with Paterson at the top of the ticket? *** Post Editor in Chief Col Allan stood by the story and asked, "Does the governor's mansion not have a single closet?" After Paterson attacked a report about being caught "snuggling" with an unidentified woman in a utility closet, saying the room he was supposedly caught in doesn't exist.

Pay to Play Aqudduct News of a federal probe into a politically connected Queens charity supposedly meant to help Hurricane Katrina victims is just one more reason to freeze the Aqueduct "racino" deal. Dave's dying deal *** Criminal partner drops out of Aqueduct racino *** Feds' eye on missing Katrina aid *** Aqueduct also-rans weigh suit vs. Dave *** Malcolm Smith Likes Fred Dicker But Is Boycotting Post Anyway

Albany's High Noon 2
Tighter Security It's Hiram or fire-him day for Senate Ex-state Sen. Efrain Gonzalez Jr. (D-Bronx) wants to withdraw his plea of guilty to corruption charges on grounds that he got bad advice from a lawyer who didn't bill him *** Pedro Espada introduced a bill that would automatically expelThere'll be extra security in the State Senate today thanks to the vote on Hiram Monserrate. senators convicted of misdemeanor offenses similar to Monserrate’s offense. (TU) ***
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