Sunday, February 14, 2010

The New York Times
Damage Control

By Gary Tilzer

The Public Editor CLARK HOYT Sunday defended the writer John
Koblin and the paper for not being rush to print a story that most other media outlets described 9 days ago as a bomb shell that would force Paterson to resign. Hoyt said that Koblin accidentally leaked the story by asking someone else for information. Hoyt does not address the fact that Elizabeth Benjamin on February 5th stated said that story was out there for weeks " Her story was posted an hour before the Tweet that Hoyt used in his defense of the paper. It was the NYT reporters talking to the other reporters that Hoyt never talks about. He just said the Times reporters were asking questions. Asking a question a question about sex? Come on it never when down that way.

"The rumor mill has been running overtime in recent weeks about Paterson and the possibility that a major newspaper is about to drop a bombshell story about his personal life that will be far worse than his acknowledged extramarital affairwith a former state employee." Protecting Paterson

For years the major news organizations were covering up the fact that John Edwards had an affair and a child with a former campaign staffer. It took the National Enquirer to break the real story. 'The Politician' Does Hoyt also think the Enquirer was part of the The Fake-News Cycle?
After all Paterson has admitted to affairs before he became governor. It hard to see why a story that has embarrassed the
NYT could not be finished in the 9 days since it became public and controversial. It makes one wonder who was really caught with their pants down Paterson or the NYT Somebody Else’s Rumor * Background from True News TheNYT Vs. Paterson: It's Personal: Sex Media and Politics Metastasize

As the
NYT is caught in the Paterson investigation where the investigation of the council slush fund, the growing Aqueduct scandal and the missing money the mayor's campaign paid to the Independence Party? Are they waiting as the public editor said about the Paterson investigation until it is ready or are they just not doing or are clueless how to do their job of cleaning up the corruption in New York? Gov Paterson : Paul Levinson talks to Chuck Scarborough about NY Times "story" Does Hoyt blame the NYT's McCain scandal story on the Internet also? * New York Times and Lobbyist Settle Defamation Case Over McCain * NYT Addresses Paterson Profile In Op-Ed

Cover Up of a Cover Up
Is Thompson using the Times story about the story to hid his involvement in theAEG Aqueduct scandal. The Public Editor said if the NYT commented about this story it might interfere with future investigation of public scandal. When was the last time the NYT broke a story about a public official that was not leaked by a prosecutor or in response of an indictment of an elected official?
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