Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New York Pols Governs by Blinders Enabled by the Media Who Write with Blinders

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

By Gary Tilzer

Governing by blinders simply means making budget decision disconnected from a single narrative which both the pols and the media are failing to give city residence. The media has allowed the pols to create a new culture that allows them to deliver government to their supports or good causes without taking responsibility for those actions on the city budget or the economic health of New York. It means paying a developer $95 million while cutting the police force. Since 2001 the police force shrunk by over 6000 cops to 34,304 members and we had to wait until after the election to find out what the city will cut because of the recession. We used to have police classes of thousands of new office a year today we are down to a couple of hundred a year. We are paying over a billion on a new police academy as we cut police officers.

New Yorkers want to pay a fair wage Paterson Prepares Wage Bill for Construction Sites We are good people. It make sense to pay people not to go to work sick during the swine flu winter Making business sicker We even hate traffic tickets Traffic Agents and Politicians Debate Value of 5 Minutes. Bloomberg is using the ticket blitz to pay for city services that would otherwise be cut. What is the cost of the council's parking bill and what will the council cut to make up the debt is never discussed. In other words the pols get away with being irresponsible to the city budget. Daily News Edit shows that the council bill to make a parking hour 65 minutes, does not even help motorists Parking space cadets: City Council pretends to befriend beleaguered motorists

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