Saturday, June 13, 2009

Who is the real Pedro Espada? The Sleazy One-or the corrupt One?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Due to the recent New York State Senate chaos, YFP is re- posting this article and video to remind our readers who the real Senator Pedro Espada is. Yesterday he told the media that his "character was assassinated". The question is, which character? Perhaps, he was talking about the sleazy, corrupt one.


Approximately one hour ago, I was documenting a visit by Pedro Espada campaigning in the Bronx. As you are aware, YFP has been chronicling the Espada escapade from the moment that he declared his candidacy for Senator of the 33rd district in the Bronx. And as you are also aware, there were times when the dialogue became contentious, but never escalated to physical contact.

Today was the exception. With little provocation, I was surrounded by Espada and his handlers after he consented to speak with me. Within minutes, I was assaulted. Espada never attempted to stop the assault. You will hear him state "This is to teach you manners Papa." They broke my camera and they tried to break me.

I write this as I am en route to the hospital. If this is an indication of who will lead the 33rd district, it is wrong. Simply put, we do not need a thug to govern us.

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