Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Senator Dilan Urges Senate Republicans to Put Politics Aside and Get Back to Work

Democrats Offer Plan to Get Back to Business, Republicans Continue to Stonewall

(Albany, NY)—State Senator Martin Malavé Dilan (D-Brooklyn) said today that the only thing to come of the Senate Republicans’ failed power grab last week is an unnecessary delay in needed legislation.

Before Senate Republicans attempted to hijack the upper house, Senator Dilan and his Democratic Conference members were in line to move on an extensive end-of-session legislative agenda that included among others: school governance and approval of New York City’s budget actions to close a more than half-billion dollar budget gap.

“This was nothing more than a power grab, conducted under the flag of change and reform. I stand behind my Democratic Conference and will continue to be a driving force within it to exact the change we promised voters in November,” said Senator Dilan.

Recently Senator Dilan and Senate Democrats extended the olive branch to republicans who quickly declined. Twice a power-sharing agreement was extended to the GOP, one that would share leadership and legislative roles and establish a true coalition government. Both times Senate Republican refused the offer, opting to stick to their all-or-nothing-politics.

With two weeks left of session, and a plate full of real reforms on the table, Senate Republicans opted to play politics and pass on the opportunity to do the jobs they were elected to do,” said Senator Dilan.

With the Legislative agenda derailed, the all-important question of who and how New York City’s schools will be run in years to come may not be answered. Thousands of constituents who voiced their concerns over the future education of their children have been tossed aside.

New York City, facing one of its worst fiscal crisis in decades, is depending on Albany to approve much-needed budget actions. Without state approval, the city cannot balance its budget.

“Senate Republicans have made unconscionable concessions and allowed disgruntled donors to shut down this chamber all in the name of absolute control. They have put at risk their own cities and towns, they’ve stalled mandate relief and senate reforms all under the guise of seeking shared-power, which they have since turned down twice,” concluded Senator Dilan.

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