Friday, June 26, 2009

Pedro Espada, Jr. Republican Icon.

June 20, 2009 by Buffalopundit
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See, the problem for State Senate Republicans in essentially naming Sen. Pedro Espada, Jr (D-Grand Jury Room) as President is that they’ve bought him. They’re stuck with him.

Until the coup, Espada was just another narcissistic loudmouth lost in a sea of narcissistic loudmouths. Now, he’s the Republican’s hand-picked leader. And they’re starting to whisper amongst themselves, holy shit, what have we done?

While the Senate Republicans send their thank-you cards to Mssrs. Golisano and Pigeon, the wealthy tweedle-dee and malignant tweedle-dum of state politics, they’ve thrown the anachronistic, useless State Senate into further uselessness and turmoil.

Yes, it’s time to abolish the State Senate and bring about a unicameral, democratic legislature that enables actual debate, actual discussion, and actual contemplation and deliberation of measures that may actually help the average working stiffs who are unfortunate enough to reside in this Godforsaken state.

But in the meantime, let’s see some video of Pedro Espada (who like most asshole narcissists refers to himself in the third person) and his goon squad roughing up a Bronx-based blogger during a parade last election season.

Oh, and you know how Espada says he has an apartment in the Bronx, and that’s his primary residence? But he really has a nice house in Mamaroneck? Yeah, let’s watch Espada be confronted in the lobby of the Bronx apartment building by a resident who tells him to his face that he doesn’t live there.

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