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15 de Abril del 2009 20:36 April 15 2009 20:36

OFDI could detain more involved in the case Rishpy

By Eric Gallindo

The case of the disappearance of missing Israeli tourist, Dana Rishpy was reactivated on April 14, 2009. Tulum resident, Flor Pastrana Flores was arrested and flown to Mexico City for interrogation, when she exited the Scotiabank. Flores is a friend of American suspect, Matthew Walshin. It is reported that she rented an apartment to him after Dana's disappearance in Tulum. Shortly afterwards, Walshin fled to the US and is still in hiding.

State prosecutor, Bello Melchor Rodríguez y Carrillo, said this could lead to more arrests in the coming days by the Deputy Attorney Specialized Investigation of Organized Crime (OFDI). After her arrest and transfer to Mexico City, Pastrana Flores, will be interrogated by personnel of OFDI about the disappearance of the Israeli citizen, Dana Rishpy.

Counsel for the agency said that the file regarding Rishpy's disappearance remains open. Officials did not want to go into detail and did not reveal why some people could be on the next list of detainees in this case by the federal authorities. They said the PGJE sought cooperation of various courts, as well as other states
Dana Rishpy, disappeared in 2007. (SIPSE) (SIPS)
YFP Commentary:

The arrest of Flor Pastrana Flores is a step in the right direction. She has long been considered
to hold valuable information in regards to the case. As a loyal friend of suspect Matthew Walshin
for more than fifteen years, she protected him after Dana's disappearance. The web of lies and alibis is vast. Zsolt Fejer, a.k.a., "El Hungaro", still remains in jail on the charge of drug sales.
He too was a friend of Walshin's in Tulum. However, he has given little information.

In spite of the "Tulum Wall of Silence", the pressure has been stepped up. A Houston, Texas newspaper has interviewed the Rishpy family and WABC TV ( conducted a major interview with Dana's parents. So, for those who thought that they have escaped scrutiny, beware. The eyes of the world are upon you.

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