Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Political PARTIES 4 SALE, Organized Crime Politics

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Organized Crime Politics
Political PARTIES 4 SALE

by Gary Tilzer
While it is illegal for elected officials to sell their votes, it is not illegal for political parties to sell their ballot lines in pay to play schemes

Liberal Party
INVITING CORRUPTION: NY'S RISKY THIRD-PARTY RULES – Last week‘s wide ranging indictment against former Liberal Party boss Raymond B. Harding for pay to play with the state’s pension fund, paints a vivid portrait of ballot lines for sale in New York. Minor parties are common in US politics, but few states afford them such an easy path to power as New York does. In the Empire State a minor party can cross-endorse candidates who are also appearing on the Democratic and Republican lines. This third-party backing has become an object of intense desire among Republicans and Democrats, because it can cut down on competition and ensure that an independent candidate doesn't siphon votes away from major-party candidates.
The practice of cross endorsement, which used to be called “fusion ballot” traces back to the post-Civil War era, when political parties both liberal and conservative, from diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds joined together to oppose New York City’s powerful Tammany Hall political machine. Fusion candidacies were associated with good government groups and were generally in opposition to the political machine. Today minor parties in the city have not only become the machine, they have become a kind of permanent government, which leaders such as Harding run like a business to make more for themselves and their friends. While common 100 years ago, cross-endorsements have since been eliminated by most states in election law reform efforts. Only five states today permit unlimited party endorsement of a single candidate.

Before the Harding era, the liberal party represented a progressive force in the city for good government that endorsed liberal, anti-machine politicians such as: Mayoral candidates Fiorello H. La Guardia, John Lindsay and Robert Wagner (in his third term); Presidential candidate Adlai Stevenson and Senator Robert Kennedy. In 1966 Kennedy took on the political machine and tried to reform the Tammany Hall party system that has existed intact until this very day.

The Liberal Party’s Harding is not the only minor party leader in the city to run his party as a profit making enterprise, they all do:

Conservative Party
After delivering the governorship to George Pataki in 1994, Michael R. Long and his Conservative Party were at the high point of their power in the state. Not only did Long broker a deal to have conservative Herb London run for state comptroller rather than enter the Republican primary against then State Senator George Pataki for governor, his party ultimately delivered the winning votes to both the Gubernatorial and Attorney General candidates. In the 1994 race for governor, Mario Cuomo was defeated by 190,000 votes. Long’s Conservative Party line (328,000 voters) gave Pataki his margin of victory. That same year the Conservative Party also gave Republican Dennis Vacco his margin of victory for Attorney General over Democrat Karen Burstein. Long got his rewards from the new governor. According to newspaper reports, his daughter (chief-of-staff to the Lt. Governor) and two of his top party aides were on Pataki’s payroll.

Independence Party
Though not initially conceived as such, the Independence Party through the usurpation of its powers by Dr. Lenora Fulani’s partisans, has become in recent years essentially a sanitized reincarnation of the now defunct, “Cult Like” New Alliance Party (NAP), founded by self-proclaimed mentor and psychotherapist Dr. Fred Newman, in the early 1980’s. The NAP was a criminal enterprise masquerading as a political party in New York’s dysfunctional political party structure. It is a scandal and tells you how far the city has fallen in its morals and ethics to have such cultish party leaders playing a major role in who wins office in our city.

This is what the ADL said about the cult NAP:
“In conjunction with his NAP activities, Fred Newman operates a collective of for-profit ventures. Most notorious of these are his therapy centers, at which, it has been charged, Newman administers an unconventional brand of psychiatric treatment that exploits the emotional weaknesses of his clients. Newman also uses these centers to recruit volunteers for NAP. Newman and NAP chair Lenora Fulani have frequently peppered their writings and speeches with Jew-baiting remarks. In a notorious 1985 speech, Newman announced that in response to the Holocaust, Jews became "storm-troopers of decadent capitalism." Newman and Fulani lionize Nation of Islam leader Minister Louis Farrakhan, and have defended his hate-filled diatribes against Jews.” *** Newman and Fulani's All Stars Project: Bad for Kids * New Alliance Party / Social Therapy - Cult information from cult ... * Buchanan, Fulani, Perot, and the Reform Party * Inside the New Alliance Party * * New Alliance Party / Social Therapy - Cult information from cult

Democratic Party
Clarence Norman, the former head of the Brooklyn Democratic Party, is currently in jail for grand larceny and coercion of judicial candidates. CLARENCE SAYS JAIL & FAREWELL - New York Post top Brooklyn Democrat Convicted of Campaign Violations - New York Breaking News: Clarence Norman convicted on all 4 counts The NORMAN CONVICTED. Dem leader is guilty of campaign abuses

Political parties are intended to empower the masses and to give them a means to change their government and its leaders. Instead, political parties in New York have become criminal organizations that have abused their positions and power in order to rip off the very people they are supposed to be serving. While this same public is paying higher taxes and fees because of dysfunction in Albany and the City Council, it is forced to accept a government that services party leaders and the elected officials that pay them protection money to remain in office. Even when they get caught up in corruption as Harding did, because of a “Blue Wall” type silence, elected officials do not rat on other elected officials. It’s funny how the Rev. Al Sharpton will march (and rightfully so) in protest of a cop’s silence in the face of a crime by another cop, but say nothing about the “Elected Officials Wall of Silence,” to stop a corrupt system that is destroying people lives and the greatest city in the world.

True News has been reporting on the corruption caused by the control or ballot access for some time Tammany’s Ballot Control Again and Again. *** True News Reported It First: New York’s Political Mob Wars *** Organized Crime Politics *** Organized Crime Politics Part 1 *** NY' s Leaders Have Lost the Values and Morality that Once Made it the Greatest City in the World *** Campaign Consultant Lobbyists Cause Corruption.

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