Friday, January 23, 2009

Boycott this Racist Baker: N.Y. Baker Makes Racist Cookies, Threatens President

Jan 23rd 2009
By Julie Gerstein

Just in time for Barack Obama's inauguration, Ted Kefalinos, owner of the Lafayette French Bakery in New York, N.Y., is selling atrocious "Drunken Negro Cookies." The offensive chocolate-coated cookies feature an overexaggerated caricature of an African-American face.

And that's not all. Kafalinos, whose cakes were featured in "Sex and the City," was overhead saying that he hoped Obama would follow in assassinated President Abraham Lincoln's footsteps: "He will get what's coming to him." Sounds like a threat to us!

Kafalinos sees nothing wrong with the cookies -- or his remarks. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Obviously this man is stuck in the dark ages. His lack of sensitivity and general awareness of our current reality is disgusting and probably criminal(we leave that for the proper authorities to decide).
But I'm looking at these pictures of the cookies ,and all I'm thinking is....

Anonymous said...

Well, I like the Cookies face,,Nice work,,,yummmmmmmm....I am hungry ...

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Anonymous said...

It's obvious this idiot along with "Toronto Furnished Apartments" are trying to get a rise. Who cares let the little chunky baker make his "Negro" cookies or whatever he wants to call them and let Toronto eat them. People like this are just destined to be ignorant.