Thursday, January 22, 2009


My Wish for Obama

by Jerry Krase

It seems that everybody wants to get into the act now that someone who can think on his own will become the new tenant at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW. Even Tom Friedman in his The New York Times opinion piece "Radical in the White House" this morning seems to have oodles of advice for him. First he notes that BHO isn't a "real radical" as the American public was frightened about during the campaign. It sounded up close and personal so I assume that Tom was in DC and attended one or more of the glitzy non-radical post-inauguration events. On the other hand, I took the subway yesterday morning to Manhattan to do some business and hoped to get back in time to watch the inauguration on television with my wife. Across from me on the usually yuppy-packed "F" train was what appeared to me to be a middle-aged African American homeless woman bundled up in an odd collection of winter and summer outerwear. She was fast asleep and next to her sat the usual collection of black plastic garbage bags containing all that she felt worthy of trudging along with her as she traveled on her way to nowhere on a cold and Historic Inauguration Day. She gave off such a foul odor that she had half the car all to herself. A long line of persons of no-color, previously residing in the White House, have found other things too important to consider than her obvious plight. My wish is that Barack Hussein not only remembers the people his predecessors left behind in America, but also comes back to visit them. Now that would really be radical!
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