Wednesday, January 14, 2009

BLOMQUINN Pettiness Personified

Got an interesting letter forwarded to me, and I am told I can run with it. I am hoping I am not stepping on the toes of either of the two good folks in this sad, petty tantrum. Tony Avella and Doris Diether don't deserve this kind of crap. But it is worth showing that Chritine Quinn is willing to stoop so low for such petty reasons. Not sure the full path of this leak, but I Tony Avella does not seem party to it. But at least one key link in the chain has given the go ahead for it.

SO the background is that Doris Diether, a wonderful member of Community Board 2, is having an 80th birthday. Sincere congratulations! May Doris have many more wonderful birthdays! Doris has served on the community board since a little before I was born!

Tony Avella apparently wished to honor this woman with a proclamation on her 80th birthday. This is a fairly common thing in our city government and something that can make people feel pretty good. It is nice when city government recognizes by official proclamation good people and groups. Avella was doing a nice thing here and from all I have heard, Avella generally does nice things.

Enter the grinch of the story.

Christine Quinn, apparently angry that Avella had, in the past, opposed her Majesty, stepped in. Quinn wanted to offer her own proclamation (which is her right) and had a little hissy fit about Avella. Normally under such circumstances, Quinn would merely invite Avella to sign onto her proclamation. Nice, neat, clean. Everyone is happy. But Quinn would have nothing of protocol, custom or diplomacy. Quinn preferred petty tantrums. Not only did she want her proclamation to take precidence (not a problem) but she refused to allow Avella to sign onto her proclamation, which is a clear violation of protocol...not to mention common decency.

Here is a scan of an email I was forwarded regarding Quinn's hissy fit:

Sorry if the image isn't the best. The text reads:

I am writing with some unfortunate news regarding Councilman Avella's proclamation for Ms. Diether on January 10th. It looks like the Councilman will not be able to attend nor present a proclamation. As you may know, Speaker Quinn will be presenting her own proclamation at the event. Normally, City Council protocol allows any interested Councilmember to sign on to the proclamation. However, given the Speaker's political differences with the Councilman, she is not allowing Tony's name to be attached to her proclamation nor is she letting him have his own proclamation. The Councilman is upset and angry over these circumstances and obviously does not want any of this political infighting to affect Ms. Diether's celebration...

So, in other words, Tsarina Quinn is allowing politics to interfere with honoring a valued member of the community. Upon hearing of this, my wife gave one of her usual very insightful comments:

Now we get to see Quinn's gratuitous abuse of addition to her usual abuse of power that financially benefits her friends and allies.

A scan of Tony Avella's reply was also forwarded to me:

Again the image quality isn't the best. The key portion reads:

The nonsense that then ensued from your office defies explanation. It would seem that you wanted to do the proclamation. Without going into detail as to who first requested the proclamation, your refusal to allow me as a Member of the City Council to sign on to your proclamation is an absolute disgrace.

Frankly, your behavior in this regard is both unprofessional and childish. Surely, whatever political we may have can be set aside to celebrate the life and accomplishments of a woman who has dedicated herself to improving the quality of life of her neighborhood.

Remember that Christine Quinn is also the person who either was at the center of, or turned a blind eye to the Slushgate scandal. Then there was the massive insult to voters in reversing the term limits referenda overwhelmingly passed by voters. And now there is the fact that she is just plain a spoiled, pewling brat when you get right down to it.

For those who are sick of Tsarina Quinn, there are two good candidates running against her this year: Yetta Kurland and Maria Passannante Derr. I have heard particularly good things about Yetta, but Maria also seems good.

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