Monday, September 29, 2008


Here's a VERY happy member of the Rainbow Rebels, Assemblyman Ruben Diaz Jr., outside the Paradise Theater following last night's rollicking Bronx Democratic meeting.

The ambitious assemblyman, whose plan to run for Bronx borough president in 2009 against Assemblyman Jose Rivera's son, Council Majority Leader Joel Rivera, is believed by some to be a factor in this year's leadership battle, was one of several rebels to successfully fight off a party-backed primary challenger earlier this month.

Diaz prounounced himself "elated" following the rebel election of Assemblyman Carl Heastie as party leader, along with a new executive board, and said he's looking forward to spending the rest of the election season working on behalf of Barack Obama.

When I pointed out the leadership battle is actually far from over and will likely be settled in court, Diaz said: "I feel very confident that the courts are going to rule in our favor."

Now there's something of a forced time-out due to the Jewish holiday. The battle will resume at the end of the week.

The slates elected by the two factions appear after the jump.

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