Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Video: The Hillary in Bosnia movie

Now, Sen. Clinton's apparent exagerration of her trip to Bosnia has been YouTubed.

Roger Stone: It takes a sleaze....electability in crisis


Why don't we just suspend democratic elections in the style of a South Asian dictatorship and have Roger Stone choose our leaders? That way you don't have to be elected with 70 percent of the vote. Between this and Hevesi, elections are getting nullified in New York. Talk about a democratic republic in crisis. Here is the latest from the Miami Herald which tells us how the master of Democratic disaster tipped off the feds, which if it holds up blows up the workaday narrative about how alert bank employees heard this and that and activated red flags etc....Then again, in Stone's world, you really have to have proof. Was the letter authentic?

Dan Janison

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