Saturday, March 22, 2008

March 21, 2008

We only read it for the penis pix

Hmm, maybe Eliot Spitzer shouldn't pose in Playgirl.

The Eliot Spitzer sex scandal's not just a cash cow for his knob-schlobbing call girl Ashley Alexandra Dupré anymore: Playgirl's offering the former New York governor a million dollars to dangle his junk in their magazine.

Dupreé was offered a cool mil last week to exhibit her vagina in Hustler, but lost out on another $1M offer from Girls Gone Wild's new mag after the company found old footage of her (natch) in their archives.

He probably won't do it — he has three daughters and a wife who already hate him plenty. But will the disgraced former New York governor get any other offers this good from any other skin rags? Playgirl's right: his political career is effectively over, and he could probably use the money. Maybe he should. What's really so wrong with the idea?

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