Friday, August 24, 2007


Republican political consultant Roger Stone has been accused of making threatening calls to the father of New York State Governor, Elliot Spitzer. And although he protests that he was "set up". perhaps he doth protest too much. His denials are reminiscent of another controversy some years ago. It is said that people who live in glass houses should not throw stones....but maybe in this case they should throw this Stone.

By The Associated Press NEW YORK -- Now it's the Republicans' turn to see one of their own in a tabloid sex tale. Roger Stone, a volunteer adviser with Bob Dole's presidential campaign and onetime chairman for Sen. Arlen Specter's short-lived White House bid, yesterday denied allegations that he visited a sex club with his wife and placed X-rated ads on the Internet and in magazines.

The allegations appear in the New York Post, which cited upcoming editions of the supermarket tabloids National Enquirer and Star. "While it is my instinct not to respond to specific allegations against my wife and me, I feel compelled to do so simply by saying that for several years we have been aware of various advertisements placed in publications and on the Internet by a sick and disgruntled individual," Mr. Stone said. He said he believed these actions grew out of his "acrimonious divorce five years ago. We have been aggressive in our efforts to remove this material from various publications and the Internet when we have become aware of them," he said.

The tabloids claim that Mr. Stone and his wife, Nydia, placed messages on an X-rated Internet site and ads in sex magazines seeking male and female partners. They said photographs of a shirtless Stone and his wife in a sexy black lingerie also appeared in one magazine. Said Mr. Stone: "The tabloids offer a published photo of me in an amateur bodybuilding contest in which I competed three years ago and a decade-old photo of my wife from her professional modeling career. "We deny this vile caricature that is being peddled to destroy our lives." The Post quoted Mr. Stone as conceding that the bills for the postings on the Internet site were paid for with his credit card.

He told the newspaper the post office box number listed on the Internet site belonged to him, but had been improperly obtained. In June, Mr. Stone was named to the Dole campaign's "Clinton Accountability Team" of surrogates to help make Mr. Dole's case against the Democratic incumbent. The allegations come two weeks after Dick Morris, an adviser to President Clinton, was forced to resign amid tabloid accusations that he divulged presidential secrets to a prostitute.

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