Friday, August 24, 2007


Yet another absurdity sponsored by City government. This ban would affect the struggling ethnic food industries in China town, Latino and Indian neighborhoods. City politicians by virtue of their privileged status do not have to consume their meals from containers. The science and studies regarding the environmental impact of Styrofoam are yet to be deemed conclusive. So perhaps the esteemed City Council would better serve it's constituents by limiting their memos and newsletters printed on non recyclable paper and the plastic pens used to sign these bills.

The popular political band wagon of "Green" issues should not be subsidized by the working class and the poor.

Council vs. containers
New York City restaurants and government agencies could soon face a ban on Styrofoam-type fast food containers if the City Council passes a bill introduced yesterday.City Council Bill Would Take Out City's StyrofoamCovered by the ban would be containers created from polystyrene, a petroleum- based material that doesn't decompose or easily compact, causing them to take up significant landfill space. The material can also release toxic chemicals when heated in a microwave, according to a report by an environmental group, Earth Resource Foundation. A component of the material, the chemical styrene, is classified as a possible human carcinogen by the Environmental Protection Agency.
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