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The following is an interesting glimpse into the Orthodox religious community of Brooklyn and the universal travails of growing up.

Shutting down Woodburne hangout was not a good idea. Chinuch experts lament that shutting down the Woodburne hangout may be the cause of the new drugs and drinks parties in homes. They say that by chasing the kids away from the common public hangout, they caused these kids to seek more hidden venues for hanging out.
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As a Catskill resident and a long time observer of frum adults and kids, I am always impressed when the olam wants to keep its kids in jail. There has always been problems. When spouses are left alone all week and . . . When kids are brought up without any hobbies . . . When families choose to vacation in an area without any kosher nightlife for teens and young adults. . . Face it there is nothing that is exciting or even interesting to do on any night in the Catskills. Movies are banned. Watching for owls is boring. Watching for deer and bear . . . What do you expect the kids to do? The first few weeks are okay but then real boredom sets in.Stop coming to the Catskills! Wait till gambling comes in! Will you be able to keep your adults away from the casinos?
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Do you have any sources, or are you just posting what first comes to mind!?
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Not only is this a sad fact, but the "Rabbis" of our generation, that are so worried about 'summer hangouts', need to open their eyes and see that this is far from a seasonal problem.We are the same kids hanging out all winter, ESPECIALLY in Boro Park, MOnsey, and Flatbush, and we have left our devatstated, loving, broken parents, and have formed our own society. WAKE UP, all you 'Rabbi Horowitzes' out there..stop writing your articles and actually DO something to get us back home, or at least stop enabling us to be runaways,as was my case... as is the case with Rabbi Gluck's Areivim organization in Monsey,...Stop training us to be on our own and rebel against society, and try to guide us back in!I laughed at the article in the JP, because I know that, as a kid at risk myself, these "Rabbis" actually help us to go farther away from Yiddishkeit, and be MORE alienated from our families,instead of the other way around. I was given instructions not to talk to my family and to 'take time to understand my anger'which further alienated me from my parents...I was given a job and a place to stay, out of my family home. I made connections with others like me...and there is a HUGE community of us kids out there!!!If these Rabbis really cared about anything but themselves, and I am talking to the Rabbi Glucks of the world, they would help us rejoin our families, instead of keeping us away, and helping us connect to others like ourselves..some with severe emotional problems...We DO hang out all year, some of us aren't even religious anymore...I was lucky and found my way back ON MY OWN, but many kids havent..THANK YOU RABBI GLUCK for almost destroying my will pay in shomayim, no doubt....Adn as far as the 'concern' about this 'summer problem'...all I can say is..WAKE UP!!!Signed, Disenfranchised Youth
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