Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Assemblyman ogles girls in bizarre video

Bronx Assemblyman Jose Rivera has landed in hot water for posting a sexist video of his interactions with women during a trip to the Dominican Republic in 2005.
“Where do you live, what is your street address? What are your body measures?,” the 78-year-old Rivera asks a young woman.
He then films the young woman’s backside.
Rivera is accompanied by former Harlem Assemblyman Adam Clayton IV.
In another segment Rivera asks another young woman, “Do you happen to have a little sister?”
When the woman says no, Rivera replies, “Ah, well, that’s my back luck!”
Rivera also talks to a vendor selling an alcoholic beverage called “mamajuana.”
The vendor jokes that the drink makes men “hard.”
“Strong enough to get laid with all those young women,” Rivera responded, pointing to someone off screen.
The vendor responds, “A child! A little girl!”

Rivera had forwarded the video to journalist Gerson Borrero, who posted it on his twitter page. It was then picked up by
“I think the this video of Jose Rivera in the DR can get some folks in trouble,” Borrero tweeted.
Borrero called Rivera’s video a “senior Anthony Weiner moment.”
A Rivera spokesman said he didn’t intend to offend anyone.
Powell defended the video as “respectful flirting.”
“It’s meant as an educational video,” he said. “A lot of young men don’t know how to flirt.”
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