Wednesday, January 16, 2013

                Adolfo Carrión and Joe Lhota
 By Rafael Martínez Alequín
The political winds of the 2013 New York City mayoral election emit a foul smell the name of former Deputy Mayor under the Guiliani administration Joseph Lhota has sufaced as a leading mayoral candidate, as well as Adolfo Carrión.

There are other GOP hopeful
s.   Long Island resident Rev. A. R. Bernard, billionaire John Catsimatides, weekly newspaper publisher Tom Allon, and announced candidate George MacDonald. What do these politicians have in common? Except for Rev. A. R. Bernard, they were Democrats who became Republicans hoping to do duplicate Bloomberg.

I have disagreed with the Mayor
's policies especially when he bought a third term with the consent of his partner, Christine Quinn, and the City Council’s lambs.

The city was racially polarized during the administration of
Giuliani and Lhota.  Today, the City is less divided along racial and ethnic lines.
  If Joseph Lhota becomes mayor, he will bring the city back to the time when Giuliani was mayor— divided along race and ethnicity. I was a victim of Lhota's anti-minority view he shoved me on the steps of City Hall and call me a “FUCKING SPIC.”  Read the New York Times report of the Incident:

METRO NEWS BRIEFS: NEW YORK; Deputy Mayor Admits Shoving ... 

veteran police reporter Leonard Levit

View more videos at:

What do Carrión and Lhota have in common with this writer?  When Carrión became Bronx Borough President, he fired me because of my heavy accent.  I brought a suit against him, and it was settled out of court, they agreed to pay me an unspecified amount .

Why I am writing about it?
  My belief is that the city I love, does not need to have Carrión or Lhota at the helm of City Hall.  Carrión is ashamed of Puerto Ricans with an accent, and Joseph Lhota, has a history of engaging his tongue, before he engages his brain.

On the other hand, it will be fun for political reporters to cover a campaign with Lhota running for mayor and Giuliani in tow.

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