Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Is Mike Bloomberg Running For Something? Updated

Despite the fact that he's insisted about a thousand times that he's not interested in the White House, you couldn't be faulted for getting the feeling Mayor Bloomberg's running for SOMETHING judging from this new ad he just bought himself.

Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson gave NY1 a sneak peek at the SKD-produced ad, "Independence," earlier today, with the station saying it's a counterbalance to "the nearly $3 million in ads" that unions have aired against Bloomberg and his proposed budget (as well as teacher hiring and firing) in the last month. (And that's not even to mention his cringeworthy approval ratings.)

“One side has been presented on television and now it's time to present the other side,’’ Wolfson told “Inside City Hall” anchor Errol Louis. He also said this is not about either the presidency or -- gasp -- a fourth Bloomberg term: “The mayor has said repeatedly he's not running for anything else, this is his last job in elected office, but he is fighting to get his views out there."

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