Wednesday, December 1, 2010

PETITION: In Support of Julian Assange

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Reader Supported News | 30 November 10 PM

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RSN's Editorial Decisions on WikiLeaks
Reader Supported News | Editorial
A brief editorial on behalf of Reader Supported News on our perspective and decision-making processes related to WikiLeaks material.

Robert Reich | The Showdown on Tax Cuts for the Rich
Robert Reich, Robert Reich's Blog
Excerpt: "In political terms, a strong stand enables the President to clearly demonstrate who's side he's on (the working and middle class that's still bearing the brunt of this lousy economy) and who's side the Republicans are on (the powerful and privileged who brought much of this on, and who are now doing just fine)."

Los Angeles Times | Sinking the Online Pirates
Los Angeles Times, Editorial
Excerpt: "Another criticism is that the bill wouldn't give offending sites a fair chance to defend themselves. In fact, the Justice Department wouldn't even have to inform the actual operator of the site before obtaining an injunction against it - it would simply have to send a notice to whoever is listed as the domain name's registrant."

5 Rare Sumatran Elephants Found Dead in Indonesia
Associated Press
The report begins: "Five endangered Sumatran elephants have been found dead in Indonesia, and conservationists said Sunday that they suspect farmers poisoned the animals to stop them from damaging crops."

PETITION: In Support of Julian Assange
Reader Supported News, Petition
We here undersigned express our support for the work and integrity of Julian Assange. We express concern that the charges against the WikiLeaks founder appear too convenient both in terms of timing and the novelty of their nature.

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Anonymous said...

We must support and protect free speech and the establishment of the fourth estate. I come from a country where apartheid destroyed the essence of truth.My question is, when did the truth become a crime?. We have a right to know what are 'Leaders' are doing. Nelson Mandela was called the Black pimpernel for upholding the truth and for seeking justice.Today he stands as a beacon of hope to all people. I salute you Julian, May God protect you.