Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mayor Bloomberg: Red + Blue = Purple Tie = Unity. Get It?

So, okay, nobody's confusing The Daily Politics with GQ, but here's a word from our Adam Lisberg on Mayor Bloomberg's growing fondness for that sartorial symbol of the politics of the center: The purple necktie, and what he had to say to reporters about it this morning.

bloomberg purple tie.jpg

Q: Is there any symbolism to your wearing a purple tie a lot lately?

Bloomberg: "There is absolutely. Purple is made of two colors, red and blue. Red and blue seem to have some political significance. If you wanted nonpartisan redistricting, which is what I'm going to talk about today, which I think is, would be a very good thing for America, certainly for New York state, and I've always been a fan of nonpartisan elections as you know, it's a good chance to say, you know, a third of the people aren't in either of the two major parties, and they deserve representation as well. But it just, there were two or three events together. They got me to keep the tie out. I didn't have to put it back on the shelf. But this probably will be the last day."

Just to quell (once again -- I should really have a hotkey for this) any speculation that Hizzoner wants to wear that tie in the Oval Office...

Q: are you willing to make the Shermanesque statement [that] if nominated you will not run, if elected you will not serve?

Bloomberg: "I am not running for president. I have no intention of running for president. Period. End of story."

'Course, Bloomberg had no intention of running for a third term, either, but that's another story...

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Jake said...

I suppose he does have some good points, and I like the purple tie illustration. However, The majority of the other third lean in a definite direction.