Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Monserrate Gone Who is Next? Why is the Council Slush Fund Investigation Taking Over Two Years ?

Monserrate Gone
Who is Next?

The Daily News said after yesterday indictment of Monserrate for using the 300,000 member items he funded to the non profit called LIBRE. The feds say that operation became an arm of Monserrate political campaign machine. The NYP said this past summer, for example, council Speaker Christine Quinn and her colleagues passed a budget that boosted member-item spending by 9 percent -- to nearly $8 million per member. Quinn uses that pork pot to enforce member discipline. No surprise, then, that the members use the cash to buy support in their districts.The Daily News said New Yorkers cannot tolerate one more ooze of muck and mire. Quinn must take definitive action. She must stop member items.

True News What Ever Happen to the City Council Slush Fund Investigation? Council Slush Fund (True News)

Quinn: Why the Cover Up of the Slush Fund Investigation?

City Hall Crime Wave

What the Daily News and the NYP did not include in their editorials today is a demand that the council slush fund investigation be finished. We know that Quinn know about Councilwoman Ferraras involvement in Monserrate member item rip offs. She was the director of LIBRE which the feds say was put together to help Monserrate to win elections. The editorial boards should ask why a pol who wants to run for mayor is not working to get to the bottom of the council slush fund.

What about these Charges Quinn?

Monserrate's LIBRE Member Item Campaign Slush Fund LIBRE essentially became a taxpayer-funded arm of Monserrate's various politicacampaigns, according to the indictment Hiram in handcuffs (NYP) * Monserrate Is Indicted on Federal Corruption Charges (NYT) *Montserrate Indicted on Fraud Charges (WSJ) * Indictment just more material for my book: Hiram * Let Hiram bat cleanup: Monserrate case proves sleazy Council member items must go (DN Ed) * Federal corruption charges lodged yesterday against former Councilman Hiram Monserrate - yes, the one and only - must end the Council's practice of letting members tap into a slush fund for so-called member items. So great are the temptations to steal, the money's availability unleashed a City Hall crime wave. * Monserrate's Alleged Registration Drive(Room8)
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