Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bloomberg's Establishment Pressure Haggerty in A Press Trial To Make A Deal An Offer You Can't Refuse?

It seem that when your in Bloomberg circle the press becomes the DA. Both Haggerty and Steve Rattner are being tried in the press. For three weeks there have been press stories about the SEC giving Rattner a tap on the wrist penalty an the the AG wanted more. Now it is Haggerty turn for a press trial. The Manhattan DA office filed court papers that said that Haggerty admitted to Manhattan prosecutors that he "lied" to and "misled" the mayor's campaign in order to conceal his intention to pocket the money, prosecutors allege in a new court filing. Haggerty lawyer Dennis Vacco "This is an over-the-top action by the DA's office, and it's got severe consequences on John's ability now to get a fair trial." Bloomberg and his friends in the establishment do not want Haggerty to go to trial. Haggerty was there when they bought term limits and knows who got what. If this matter goes to trial he will bring the whole house of cards down. Mike '$cammer' powwow (NYP) * New Allegations Against Bloomberg Operative(WSJ) We still do not know why the money was funneled to the Independence Party and why the money came from the personal account of the mayor and was not reported to the Board of Elections. Oh boy do they want this case to disappear. Why did the DA release this information gotten months ago right before the election Maybe this is why? Andy presses Carl on $1M scandal aide (NYP) * Former AG Dennis Vacco Defends John Haggerty Against Bob Duffy Swipe

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