Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Eduardo Giraldo is a democratic candidate for the city councilman's office vacated by Hiram Monserrate. In his Queens district, which is largely Hispanic, he may have committed a political faux pas. In a recent interview, he seems to state a preference for "Latino blood." And although, he says that the video is taken out of context by his opponent, Julissa Ferraras, he stands by his theory."I'm not a racist. To say that Latino blood is best for Latinos is a scientific fact. As well as African-American blood is best for African-Americans," Giraldo said.

Although, he claims to have not spoken with racist intent, this was the same theory held by the Nazis as well as white segregationists. Furthermore, Blood donation centers show no evidence to support his claim. Perhaps he should consider running for political office elsewhere.

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janeblaz71 said...

wow. what a racist buffoon.

sadly, other buffons will vote for him.