Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jimmy Vacca's term-limit vote is a disappointment

Monday, October 27th 2008, 3:45 PM

East Bronx City Councilman Jimmy Vacca's last-minute switch to vote for extending term limits - a bill he bitterly opposed down to the wire - has a lotta folks sadly shaking their heads.

One of the most principled politicians so many of us have come to know, Jimmy faced that long, dark night of the soul, and whatever the enticement or threat - Mike (Our Lord and Savior) Bloomberg personally lobbied him - traded his principles for politics.

It was sad to hear his voice choking and see tears welling up as he spoke before voting Thursday.

He said later his mom swayed him 'cause she wanted to vote for Bloomie, but we don't buy that.

Thankfully, there is redemption, and we hope Jimmy's public career is a long one.

Soundview/Castle Hill Councilwoman Annabel Palma cast the boro's lone "no" vote, but it was no profile in courage. Her union mentor, SEIU 1199, opposed the bill.

On the "yes" side, we expected no less of Maria Baez and Larry Seabrook, who both actually showed up to vote after having the worst Council attendance records - and no apparent talent for holding regular day jobs.

Also in the "yes" camp: Majority Leader Joel Rivera, Ollie Koppell, Maria (Will Change Last Name for Votes) Arroyo and Helen Foster, who hasn't gotten any nibbles dangling a run for Bronx BP.

A number of challengers are already lining up to take them on - and out - next year.

Four more years

Unless the courts overturn the term limits vote - which seems at best an uphill battle - and Controller Bill Thompson stays in the mayoral race with Rep. Anthony Weiner, it looks like Adolfo CarriĆ³n will scrap his run for controller and go for Bronx BP again.

Accordingly, Assemblyman Ruben Diaz Jr. told us he'll then drop his quest for BP.

Unholy alliance

Watch out for lightning around these guys.

Mortal political enemies Bronx State Sen. Ruben (The Rev.) Diaz Sr. and state Sen.-elect Pedro (The Wascally Wabbit) Espada Jr. have kissed and made up.

On top of that, The Rev. and The Wabbit, seen huddling over lunch last week at the Caridad Restaurant in Westchester Square, have formed an unholy alliance with two fellow Dems, Brooklyn state Sen. Carl Kruger and Queens Sen.-elect Hiram Monserrate, to throw their collective weight around in the closely divided Senate, maybe even playing in the Republican sandbox for district largesse.

The Downstate Bad Boyz will likely want to have a say in whether Malcolm Smith or someone else should be majority leader if, as expected, Dems wrest slim majority control.

We're told the DBBs will go public shortly after next Tuesday's election - if they can keep from stabbing each other in the back that long. ...

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