Thursday, October 2, 2008


After Sunday's farce at the Utopia theater, one would conclude that Bronx politics were at their extreme. Not yet folks, not yet.......... The following item was found on the Daily News blog. Word is that Jay Savino, GOP member in absentia, pushed for Louise to run against Bronx assemblymember, Naomi Rivera (daughter of Jose).

First it was Anthony Ribustello from the Sopranos landing a job at the Board of Elections, now Jay Savino has a real mafia connection by having Louise DeLucia as one of the vice presidents of Bronx County GOP

hyperlink: DeLucia has husband who is a mafia soldier/capo for the Columbo family his name is Dennis DeLucia, a convicted felon also. Word has it that Dennis DeLucia is helping Savino launder campaign money for personal enrichment.

Dennis DeLucia and his wife are also long time personal friends of Dawn Sandow, Dawn's mother Mae used to work for Louise DeLucia's bridal gown company on Morris Park Ave in the Bronx which is still in existence "Gowns by Louise", this business is another laundering money operation for Dennis DeLucia also.

Here are some past news articles on Dennis DeLucia>
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