Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Tensions are running high in Crown Heights again due to a young Jewish resident who was attacked by Blacks. This comes on the heels of a young Black man who was attacked by Jewish residents in Crown Heights just prior to the latest incident. Here are a few "very raw" opinions.
First from Jewish residents and following from posters on an NYPD blog.

All I hear is "more cops” . The issue is for the crown hts police to stop goofing off and to CATCH AND PROSECUTE . I don’t give a damn how many cops there are!
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"All I hear is "more cops” . The issue is for the crown hts police to stop goofing off and to CATCH AND PROSECUTE . I don’t give a damn how many cops there are!"ahh like the hasid that assaulted and maced a young black kid ok
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We don't need more Police (Like Larry). We want more Shmira and Shomrim. Rotten officers should be sent to the projects where criminals who refer to them as "PIGS" can take target practice. The above comment is directed to Rotten officers (you know who you are). Good police officers will always be welcome, but we know there is a shortage of those, especially in Crown Heights.
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I wonder what the group was trying to do when they stopped the car.
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05/21/08 13:02:14
HAHAHAH and yet the member of that community that beat the MOS's son has yet to be turned over to authorities. WOW! How on earth do you negotiate with a community for them to surrender a known perp? Only in NYC this crap happens.
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05/21/08 13:04:18
I am shocked to learn that this one group wields such political power! I had no idea. So vat about Buro paak? and viliamsburg. ve gat schwartzes too!

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05/21/08 13:21:58
Ok I'm gonna give it a try. I have no beef with Prosay but I can't deny an opportunity to be first............................Ok here ..............are......................................... a................................ hipocryte!!!!!!!!!!!! Did I do it good enough?........oh no I spelled it wrong I blew it should have left it to the professionals
When God gives you lemonade, you find a new God.

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05/21/08 13:29:41
Kelly knows what he's doing... The looking for the Jewish vote he's giving them what they want more...police in there area. In hopes that they will vote for him in big numbers. Just like he's going to rail road the MOS in the Bell case so he can get the black and minority votes when he runs for Mayor. It really is a shame that Kelly is turning his back on this department that he was once a member. Ray look I did say " ONCE " because you are no longer a former MOS in the eyes of many active and former MOS, You are now looked at as a POS! And to the moderators this is NOT a personal hit it is a question. Prosay how much longer are you going to be a hypocrite and not explain that you said you would go to a MOS funeral and in stead were seen on the RANT while the funeral was taking place????? note to all above is a question I and others have asked it's NOT a personal attack. THANK YOU!
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