Saturday, October 6, 2007


Southwest Airlines seems to be flying Right wing. Although YFP does not agree with the label on this person's tee shirt, YFP does disagree with the Airline's arbitrary censorship. Contrast this recent occurrence with Ralph Nader's support of the airline three years ago. Where is Ralffie on this issue now?
TAMPA, Florida (AP) -- Southwest Airlines said it will apologize to a passenger who was told he would be removed from a flight if he didn't change clothes, the second time in recent months the budget carrier has been forced to do so.

Joe Winiecki, of Largo, Florida, boarded a Southwest flight in Columbus, Ohio, wearing a fictional fishing shop T-shirt which featured the words, "Master Baiter."
Winiecki, who was traveling home, said he was in his seat when an employee told him he had to change his T-shirt, turn it inside out, or get off the plane.
Winiecki protested that the airline was infringing on his right to free speech, but changed his shirt fearing he would miss the flight and a day's work.

Second woman says Southwest made her cover up
Southwest spokesman Chris Mainz said Friday the employee made a mistake because the Dallas-based airline does not have a dress code.
The airline apologized this summer after a college student wearing a denim miniskirt and a sweater over a tank top was told to change her outfit or get off a flight departing from San Diego.
Kyla Ebbert, who was 23, told the story on "The Dr. Phil Show." She was read a printed apology from Southwest Chief Executive Gary Kelly on the show.
Ebbert was allowed to fly after agreeing to alter her outfit. The airline offered Ebbert free tickets and tried to make light of the mix-up in humorous advertising.
Ebbert declined the tickets.

After the Ebbert encounter, Southwest President Colleen Barrett sent employees a generally worded e-mail reminding them that the airline has no dress code, Mainz said.
Southwest, like other airlines, has language in its contract of carriage that states it reserves the right to deny service to customers whose clothing is "lewd, obscene or patently offensive."
Airline officials have discussed giving employees more specific examples of what is considered lewd or offensive, Mainz said.
Nader Presidential Campaign Announces Southwest Airlines as its Unofficial Campaign Airline
Based on several years of experience with an upstart airline from Texas, the Nader Presidential campaign announces Southwest Airlines as its unofficial campaign airline.

“George W. Bush has his Air Force One to under-reimburse for campaign trips. John Kerry has his leased Boeing 757 to tour the country. But we have Southwest Airlines and its entire fleet of aircraft at our disposal,” declared independent Presidential candidate, Ralph Nader.

“Frugal tickets, pleasant, responsive people, with humor and a desire to say yes, and very interesting passengers to converse with combined, for us, to make this selection,” he added. All passengers fly coach on Southwest, as befits a Presidential campaign for the people. No one at Southwest Airlines was contacted about this announcement.

Nader had a good word for Southwest Airlines founder, Herb Kelleher. “Mr. Kelleher has demonstrated that the lowest paid chief executive, now chairman of the Board, of any major domestic airline, has produced better service, lower fares, and more profits, in dollars, than the top largest three airlines combined over the past three years.

This record comes because he cares about his employees and passengers far more than the kind of compensation packages, contingent stock options, and golden parachutes demanded by his counterparts,” said Nader. “’Pay less, get more’ is the reverse of so many big corporate CEOs in recent years, who paid themselves more and gave less, if they did not collapse their company (Enron, WorldCom, etc.) outright,” Nader declared.

In return, the Nader campaign asks nothing more than the ear of management for any signs of airline deterioration that should be reversed. Oh, one more request – keep the roasted peanuts coming. Pretzels just don’t do it.

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