Friday, October 26, 2007


Famed Mexican journalist, Silvia Cherem (shown in photo) has written a six part series regarding the disappearance of Dana Rishpy. It is with great pride that we are able to provide it to you. The article originally appeared in the leading Mexican paper, LA REFORMA.

By Silvia Cherem
Grupo Reforma

Dana Rishpy traveled to Cancun to escape the cold New York weather and what she found was death.
Although her body was never found or evidence of a homicide, Dror and Dania parents of the young Israeli have no doubt that she was murdered somewhere in the Riviera Maya, on the night of March 30.
Their certainty is well founded. For four months of despair, they undertook the desperate but unsuccessful search for their daughter. Throughout this time, they managed to identify and locate the prime suspect: Matthew Ryan Walshin, an American citizen with a history of criminal sexual offenses.
The pain over the loss of their daughter joined the frustration and hopelessness of negligent and at times deceitful actions of the authorities of Quintana Roo, especially the Attorney Bello Melchor Rodriguez.
The state officials not only demeaned the clues about the crime, but decided to make it a matter of youthful immaturity, underscoring without any evidence that the girl disappeared as a person " conflicted and drug addicted", and went happily " with her bridegroom " to Belize and the Honduras.
"Everything was absolutely untrue. Dana is still unaccounted for. Surely, Dana does not exist any more, "regrets Dror Rishpy, interviewed shortly before returning to Israel. He was desolated that he could not even provide a decent funeral for his daughter.
From today , we present this story, which moves from a young crime victim, to the neglect by the authorities. And finally, to the anguish of her parents.
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