Friday, September 28, 2007


They are so far away. But their message is close to home. No government should persecute any group for religious reasons. Write your representatives and demand action.

Save the Buddhist Monks
The government's apparent decision to cut public Internet access — which has played a crucial role in getting news and images of the pro-democracy protests to the outside world — also raised concerns.
Thursday was the most violent day in more than a month of protests — which at their height have brought an estimated 70,000 demonstrators to the streets.
Bloody sandals lay scattered on some streets as protesters fled shouting "Give us freedom, give us freedom!" Truckloads of troops in riot gear also raided Buddhist monasteries on the outskirts of Yangon, beating and arresting dozens of monks, witnesses and Western diplomats said. "I really hate the government.
They arrest the monks while they are sleeping," said a 30-year-old service worker who witnessed some of the confrontations from his workplace. "These monks haven't done anything except meditating and praying and helping people."
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