Thursday, September 27, 2007


Israeli tourist Dana Rishpy is still missing. The last person she was seen with is missing also. Mathew Walshin, described as bungalow renter, and rave party master disappeared from Tulum/Cancun Mexico shortly after Dana. YFP has provided updates on this story from it's inception. YFP also incorrectly stated that Walshin served five years in an Oregon prison for rape. The corrected version is that he served five years probation and six months in a California prison for sexual battery.

Walshin's last known address is in Los Angeles. He is NOT considered as a suspect but as a person of interest. If you see "Maty", ask him to drop us a line or he can call toll free 800-348-6768.

Additional information on Dana can be seen at or (type Suitorz in search box). The Americas Most Wanted website has a web feature story about her also.

Someone's child is missing folks.....please lend a hand.
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