Thursday, October 25, 2007


In a series of anonymous responses to "MATTHEW WALSHIN BUSTED AGAIN", posted on YFP, Rafael Martínez Alequín would like to respond.

Statement: Anonymous states that Martínez Alequin cannot be trusted when he "printed untrue statements about Matthew's record"

Response: YFP stated earlier that Walshin had served five years in an Oregon prison for rape. YFP corrected that statement with later information that Walshin served six months in prison and subsequently five years probation. Although some of the info was incorrect, this does not exonerate Walshin from his charge of sexual assault for which he served time.

"The Mayor of New York does not want him covering council meetings because of his strange and rambling incoherent questioning."

Response: Martínez Alequin does cover City Council meetings in NYC as well as the press conferences of Mayor Michael Blomberg. One need only to view the blog and will see evidence of such. The latest being an interview with City Councilman James Oddo which is posted on YOU TUBE. Martínez Alequin's issue with Bloomberg is the right for blog journalists to be Press pass credentialed.

This issue applies not only to Martínez Alequin but to bloggers throughout the US.

Statement: As to the recent arrest of Matthew, it is stated. "The actual cops did not arrest Matthew it was a citizens arrest made by these corrupt undercover cops"

Response: Firstly, how do cops make a "citizen's arrest". Secondly, how do you know that they are corrupt? And if Matthew justly defended himself, then why was he charged with assault? Surely, the court would have seen things from his point of view. Contrary to opinion, the court record states that he has to appear for parole violation. That is not the opinion of YFP, it is the California court record. (see blog post)

Statement: "The facts are Matthew was the first one to tell Dana's family by phone and email that she had disappeared. Also Matthew told about ten friends in Tulum that Dana disappeared
does that sound like someone who had something to do with the disappearance it does not make sense."

Response: could sound like a perfectly contrived alibi on the part of Matthew. As for Matthew contacting Dana's parents. It was Dana's parents who contacted Matthew when they did not hear from her. Three weeks later, he disappeared.

Statement: "Dana went to the pyramids so she was seen by other people who either can't remember or won't admit it."

Response: Surely you are joking! Dana was a beautiful, slender woman with hair down to her waist. She had light eyes and pale skin. She stood out in a crowd. Surely someone would have seen her if she had "really" visited there.

Statement: (In regards to Matthew) "He did leave Mexico when he realized how corrupt Melchor Rodriguez was as he falsely accused two canadian women of murdering a couple. Also
he (Matthew) gave the family valueable information"

Response: Matthew fails to define why Melchor Rodriguez is corrupt. He cites that Rodriguez falsely accused two Canadian women of murdering a couple. Yes, that murder is still unresolved but that does not make a case for Rodriguez being corrupt. As for the valuable information that Matthew allegedly gave Dana's family, they speak otherwise. On the contrary, they feel that he withheld information and is yet to reveal more facts. (see blog posts from Dana's parents)

Statement: "Matthew did not want to end up like Eric Volz in Nicaragua who is serving 30 years for a crime he did not commit. He had ten witnesses that said he wasn't there. Mexico would rather blame a gringo than do a real investigation to get the heat off there own backs. All for the money and tourism"

Response: For Matthew to compare himself with Volz is ludicrous.
Volz is a former resident of Nashville and a graduate of the University of California, San Diego, where he majored in Latin American Studies.[2] Volz later moved to Managua, where he sold real estate and launched EP (El Puente) Magazine, advocating for smart growth and ecotourism.[3] Volz is the son of a former member of The 77s. Matthew has a past that is somewhat suspect to say the least. He has benefited from the legal aid of his father, Perry Walshin, esq. and in all the articles regarding Matthew, we are yet to learn of his employment history.

Statement: "Also he was not the last person seen with Dana"

Response: Really? Then who were the last people seen with Dana? What happened to Matthews's cousin, Steve Miller? He was part of the entourage. Why have we not heard from him? Matthew's friend, El Hungaro stated that Matthew borrowed a blanket from him on the night of Dana's disappearance. At that point, Dana was in Matthew's company. When the blanket needed to be located for forensic purposes, it suddenly disappeared.

YFP has documented this story from it's inception. Many anonymous posts have defended Walshin. In the judgment of YFP, he is innocent until facts prove otherwise. However, there is troubling information which casts doubt on the protestations of his defenders. Matthew did relay information to Dana's parents. But, her parents feel that more has been withheld than revealed. Matthew's dash for the border was swift and deliberate. The cooperation of Mexican authorities has been slow and bumbling. Key evidence has been lost or not assessed properly.

Important witnesses have not been interrogated and Matthew continues to watch the unfolding events with impunity.

So YFP extends an invitation to Matthew and friends to submit a videotape detailing their protests and or information. You are encouraged to remain anonymous. If you do not want to be seen, then simply cover your face with a scarf. We will provide the forum and the space for your side of the story. Bring it on boys.....bring it on!

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Vincent Hope said...

Vincent Hope would like to know , at this late date, has either Matthew Walshin, or his cousin, come forward , been contacted by, for that matter , questioned by anyone still interested in what information the two of them may or may not possess which could shed some light onto Dana's disappearance? Anxiously awaiting an answer! Having learned of this terrible tragedy, my heartfelt sympathy can do little to replace the lack of hard facts that this family deserves.