Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Part Six (Last segment)
Silvia Cherem

Bello Melchor: The Case is Closed

CANCUN, MX - The prosecutor of Quintana Roo, Bello Melchor Rodriguez denied the possibility that Dana Rishpy, the young Israeli tourist who disappeared in Tulum on the night of March 30, 2007, had been killed in the state and he repeated his version of the story. He said that this girl, without a passport and without money, traveled to Belize, where she was allegedly seen by several people.

In what were his first statements on the case after the leading newspaper in Mexico City, La Reforma began with the publication of a story in several segments, the prosecutor said that if Dana had been killed, her body would have already been found, and stated assuredly that "we have the evidence, that she was seen in Central America. "
He said that the director of Police , Diddier Vazquez, had traveled to Belize and met with people who saw and recognized the photographs that the agents brought.
Among the alleged proof, he mentioned that they had statements from the owner of the place where she stayed and her daughter "and three or four more."

He even pledged that "an officer of immigration saw her in Belize."
(Noticaribe) Bello Melchor said that, with regard to the Attorney-General's Office in Quintana Roo, and the disappearance of Dana, "of course the is case closed." (Noticaribe)

The publication, La Reforma, in the past five days postulated at least two new clues regarding what might have happened to this Israeli girl aged 25, who disappeared six months ago in the Riviera Maya.
First, a reader found that the police in El Cerrito, California, posted on the Internet. It was posted that on September 18th, they had arrested Matthew Ryan Walshin, a 38 year old resident of Henderson, Nevada. He had caused a minor at riot number 11100 on San Pablo Avenue, and was released hours later, pending the proceeds of an assault charge in Contra Costa County (report number 07-17543, in the page http://www.el/ cerrito.org/police/pr_0709.html? tpl = prn).

This permitted us to contact the investigator, Lozada (who prefers to skip his full name), a former San Francisco policeman who has investigated the case, and has monitored Matthew during the past four months, and recounted what happened that day.
The other contribution came from a reader who lives in the North of the Country and travels constantly to Playa del Carmen. When she saw the photo of Dana in La REFORMA she realized that, without knowing it then, she spent time with the young girl in what might have been the last hours of her life.

'Mati resists'

Recruited by the family Rishpy, Lozada, had for over 20 years worked undercover to catch murderers. He followed Matthew at a distance from May 7th . His mission was to seek a rapprochement, just a friendly interview to inquire about the case of Dana.
On September 18th he decided it was time to make his move. For weeks he had been sharpening his claws. But unlike other hippies who stay up to one month in the same site, Matthew was a nomad reluctant to make contact with strangers.

"He was partying with music and drugs. There was no way to follow his passage, or deal with it. He stayed only one or two nights and left. So, this went on for months, mostly in Northern California. Sometimes he would drive for six to eight hours from one state to another. There are those who would say that such behavior is the characteristically erratic and vagabond style of hippies, but I know that in my experience he acted because he was fleeing justice, "says Lozada.

Lozada affirmed that he appeared paranoid and vigilant, watching in the rear view mirror continuously to ensure that he was not followed. Moreover, despite having three cars , he only drove rentals ,changing continuously.
That Tuesday in mid-September, Lozada, who told REFORMA, after he testified regarding incident # 07-17543's Police Contra Costa County, thought that it was time to act.At 10 pm, the car that Matthew drove to Marin County , El Cerrito, licensed 5YKH064, was parked next to the fast food restaurant Weinerschnitzel, on Madison, west of San Pablo Avenue.

Matthew would soon reappear. .The investigator waited. He was accompanied by detectives Robert Tower, Leonard Morrow, Steve del Fierro and Rich Cairns, who were traveling in another car. At 10:45 PM, Matthew arrived. The street was lit and Lozada could fully recognize his face. He walked toward him. . The driver's door was already open. . Lozado identified himself as private investigator. Matthew responded: "I know what you want, so you came about the girl in Mexico." "Yes, I was hired by her parents," replied Lozada.

With nervousness, Matthew moved his left hand toward his waist. Lozada feared that he was armed and asked if he had a gun. Matthew began shouting angrily: "Dammit! I will kill you! ". He tried to use his car keys to stab Lozado in the eye a couple of times, but the investigator was able dodge him. . He tried to reassure him "I just want to speak with you."

Matthew managed to finally contain the keys in his hand. " He repeated with anger, "I kill you!" . To subdue him, Lozada wrestled him to the ground with the help of Del Torre, who came to lend support. Matthew defended himself shouting loudly, "Help, help! ... Michael,we are private investigators, drop the gun! ". Lozada and his team heard a gunshot from the apartment that Matthew left. His friend Michael lived there. With the help of Del Torre, they handcuffed the suspect and waited for the local police. Matthew repeated to them, "You are never going to find her!" .

Officers Sagan, Hernandez and Pierson, and Sergeant Cliatt arrested Matthew. He was held for for a few hours and released. Next, we learn that the disappearance of Dana Rishpy is on the list of "Most Wanted" FBI (http://www.amw.com/missing_persons/brief.cfm?id=48334).
Lozada has no doubts. Matthew, perhaps along with his cousin Steven Miller, who was also at the Mezzanine party and whom little is known, was involved in the disappearance and possible murder of Dana. "His background indicates such," he says. "Although he tried to provide a convincing alibi contacting the family after the disappearance, he is only repeating a pattern of conduct."

Lozada also reveals that in 1989 Matthew went to prison for having drugged to unconsciousness a girl on the campus of the University of Santa Cruz, and then raped her. " "He put something in her drink and then sexually abused her," he says. As a result he went to jail six months and was on probation a few years.
However, in 1998, the charge was reduced in his file. The charge of sex crime became a mere "wrongdoing", ie, a misdemeanor, allegedly for "good behavior". "I have worked 24 years with such cases and never have I seen a change in qualification like that. I guess he had the support of his parents, very good lawyers, " concludes Lozada

The investigator failed to "interview" Matthew and that option is already lost. .Therefore, for the Rishpys, the last hope of knowing what happened to her daughter now lies in the media and in the responsible action of the Mexican authorities. . They expect, no more and no less, than the FBI to take the case and extradite Matthew Ryan Walshin. Perhaps then, they will know well where is Dana's body.


Anonymous said...

These undercover cops are lying matthew never did anything that they are saying and there are witnesses to back that up. They never idenified themselves until after they dragged him across the street in handcuffs.As far as him saying he would kill them thats a complete lie. He had never seen these guys in his life and he thought they were were carjacking him. They said he went to his waist to go for a weapon is a complete lie as well according to witnesses.Matthew had no weapon. In actuality one witness said when he came to find out what was going one of the non-indenified undercovers told him to get out of here its none of your business and went into his jacket like he was motioning he had a gun. It was foung later that he did have a gun. These undercovers were pissed when he said he did not want to talk to them. If you wanted to talk to Matthew they have gone about in a very corrupt and dispicable manner.They have only approached his family and friends in a very aggressive and disgusting manner. We want to find dana everyone wants that, but come on.

Anonymous said...

futhermore Matthew never tried to use his keys to poke the plain clothes undercovers eyes out according to witnesses also accoring to witnesses Matthew never said he anything about killing anyone. When he was approached by this plain clothes undercover who said he wanted to talk he did not idenify himself,according to witnesses. Matthew told him he did not want to talk to him and that should have been the end of it.But the unindenified individual started to grab Matthews arm and at that point Matthew put his hand in his coat pocket to hold onto his keys because he thought he was being carjacked and witnesses confirm that as well as the 911 call that someone is being jumped,carjacked.At that point another plain cloth individual started to grab his other arm Matthew put is otherhand in his other coat pocket to hold on to his wallet. But the two unidenified individuals overpowered Matthew taking his arms out of his coat pockets and handcuffing him,Matthew is yelling for help,help all according to witnesses. Then they took him to the ground. These plain clothes individuals said they heard a shot from an apartment that Matthew came out of. According to witnesses there were no shots fired and there was gun there as well. Then they proceeded to take Matthew across the street in handcuffs once again according to witnesses. Also they approached Matthew at around 10:30pm in a borderline dangerous neighborhood the police that showed up even thought wasn't the smartest move that could have been made. The police that showed up also were mad that these individuals were doing surveillance in their jurisdiction without there knowledge not to mention that they had to have a come up with a good story about why they had Matthew handcuffed. Thats when they made up these false charges against Matthew because they knew it did not look good for them.Matthew never said you are never going to find her that is a complete lie.There goal was to talked to Matthew when they didn't get what they wanted resorted to violence. They spent all that energy and the family money's and this is what they come up with.Also Matthew likes to travel and he's not running around looking over his shoulder everywhere he goes. You are trying to turn Matthew into a monster and dehumanize him and destroy his name which is sad based on something that happened almost 20 years ago he is actually not the guy these people are trying to paint. Everyone else can say he should have done this he should have done that put yourself in his shoes just for a minute.Hindsight is 20/20 on all sides. Of course he could have done some things differently, the family could have some things differently,the authorities could have done things differently, the journalists.The bottom line Dana has not been found. No matter how many psychics,private investigators ,corrupt officials,so called journalist or anybody else the family hires or consults the truth will never change Matthew had nothing,nothing to do with Dana disappearance.

Anonymous said...

Matthew never ever put a drug in anyones drink in his entire life and then took advantage them. This is just another example of Rafael twisting Matthews record and then saying oh sorry that wasn't accurate later. He is hell bent on slandering Matthew regardless of the facts.

Anonymous said...

maybe matthew was a good guy and thats why he had his charged reduced. A youthful indiscretion. People do turn lives around maybe he did. Its sounds like rafael and company are trying there best not to give him any benefit of the doubt.They are trying to convict him in media how sad.

Unknown said...

scumbag Americans and anonymous above another scumbag.