Sunday, July 12, 2015

Repudiation of $73 Billion of Odious Debt in Puerto Rico


Given the serious and grave crisis in the colonial system imposed by force by the occupying power of our country, the United States, the National Sovereign State of Borinken demands the immediate withdrawal of all military and administrative forces of the government from our national territory. The U.S. government is the main cause of our misfortunes, having subjected our people to a colonial domination unprecedented in history. This colonial domination has served in the past and present to privilege American economic interests at the total expense of the Puerto Rican national interests. That is the main cause of the crisis in the colony called Puerto Rico.

Under the laws of war, all colonial puppet government actions by the so-called Commonwealth of Puerto Rico are attributed to the occupying power, so that the public debt of $ 73 billion is the unique and sole responsibility of the United States.    For the Provisional Government of ESNB, the Krueger report is not acceptable.  Mrs. Krueger is a Yankee neoconservative. Her report attempts to impose upon the Puerto Rican People the Reagan administrations infamous “supply side” economics that were long-ago discredited by Reagan’s first Budget Director David Stockman.  That report’s only intention is to reduce our people to colonial slavery by applying the genocidal “shock doctrine” that the I.M.F. has imposed on other countries. If the Krueger report is accepted by the current colonial administration, we will finally be reduced to slaves in our own land.

Before the irredeemable and detestable debt, the choices that the colonial government proposes are making further cuts and the adoption of structural measures involving genocidal sacrifices for the people - particularly for the middle and working class - and the destruction of our very lives.

To this end, Dr. Ramón Nenadich, President of the National Sovereign State of Borinken, proposes the following steps:

1. That the Puerto Rican people fully assume their sovereignty, which is illegally displaced by the government of the United States,

2. We hereby repudiate this Odious Debt of more than $73 billion!  It must be assumed entirely by the government of the United States under the laws of war, as this is the occupying power of our country from its illegal invasion 1898.

3. The immediate renunciation of all senior officials of the colonial government for its proven inability to solve the major problems facing our people,

4. The immediate withdrawal of all agencies and repressive forces of the United States from Borinken, so that the Provisional Government of National Sovereign State of Borinken can fully assume the government of the country,

5. Initiate a reorganization of our economy through the establishment of international treaties which will be of benefit to all of our people and allow us to access other credit in the world market which are much cheaper than the terms of the bondholders on Wall Street,

6. The implementation of measures to promote the establishment and development of a solidarity-based economy by strengthening workers' owned business and cooperatives, and targeting of the economy at community level and the creation of a national market protected by our own laws,

7. The establishment of a national imports substitution industry that would allow us to generate an internal policy for the consolidation of our food sovereignty,

8.  To establish administrative policies to protect the Puerto Rican businesses against aggressive and unfair foreign competition.

9. To raise the minimum wage to $10.00 per hour in four years,

10. To keep the fringe benefits of the working class including the Christmas bonus untouched, removing all the Yankee neo-liberal and neo-conservative policies of privatization of public assets and the nationalization of those already privatized,

11. The National Sovereign State of Borinken will produce our own Economic Plan designed to secure the prosperity of the Puerto Rican People free from continued Yankee depredation and exploitation by August 30.

“With these measures, concluded Dr. Ramon Nenadich, we will begin to effectively and permanently solve the serious crisis that affects us. Otherwise, they will only be patching up the colony by trying to perfume it a little bit more and that is unsustainable. The colony has come to an end and what remains is to bury it forever, so that we can fully assume our sovereign powers and be a free people in every sense of the word. While our people continue to live under a colonial regime there will be no solution to the crisis.”

Dr. Ramón Nenadich
National Sovereign State of Borinken

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