Saturday, May 23, 2015

Over a year ago, Mayor de Blasio’s campaign theme, “A Tale of Two Cities"

Don't Steal Possible
captured the growing divide between our most affluent residents and the mounting numbers of New Yorkers being left behind.

But we also have a Tale of Two Schools set in New York City. Schools in the same neighborhoods, serving students of similar backgrounds -- mostly poor and minority children -- are producing wildly diverging outcomes.

Across New York City, there are 46 district and charter schools that are beating the odds and proving all children can succeed academically.

These great schools are predominantly serving a low-income minority population, and the majority of their students are performing at grade level in English and math.

But those are just 46 of the 923 schools. Far too many students remain trapped in failing schools -- in fact there are dozens of schools where not a single black or Hispanic student passed one of this year’s state exams.

If we’re going to close the achievement gap in New York, we need to look at the success stories and apply the lessons learned citywide.

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