Friday, May 3, 2013

Save taxpayer money, Save the environment, Save the Putnam Trail!

The NYC Public Design Commission recommended a STONE DUST surface for the Putnam Nature Trail in May 2010. (see attached) The Van Cortlandt Park Administrator Margot Perron said that, “strong support for the paved (asphalt) surface by community bike riders was sufficient in judgment of DPR” to overturn the qualified recommendation of the NYC Public Design Commission.

Is this really how decisions are made now? Who are these “community bike riders” who make the decisions for the entire community regarding how $2.5 million in taxpayers funds are spent?

What happened to the voices of 95% of people who use the Putnam Nature trail which include walkers, birders, hikers, runners, nature lovers, and thousands of other ordinary citizens? Why was their opinion not considered?

Some individuals in the Parks Dept. have continually stated to the public that stone dust is not ADA accessible. This is 100% false.
They have also continually stated to the public that federal funding mandates the Putnam Nature Trail be paved with asphalt. This is 100% false.
We must not allow the public to be misled and lied to. Hold those who lie accountable!

Save taxpayer money, Save the environment, Save the Putnam Trail!

Save the Putnam Trail Campaign

“The Putnam Trail is a jewel. It’s a mindless, destructive and wasteful act to pave the Putnam Trail. To spend 100s of thousands of dollars or more to pave over this treasured parkland seems to be the antithesis of what a Parks Dept. should be doing”
--Eric Seiff, Chairman of the Board-Friends of Van Cortlandt Park
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