Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Lucky Guys Gone: Left With Sheinkopf Vs Sheinkopf
Corruption in NY Has Increased As Investigative Reporting Has Left Town

Today we are left with clueless reporters who need elected officials, consultants and lobbyists to inform them what is going on.  They are good looking and read scripts well. The investigative mind with an historical knowledge of what he or she was reporting is gone.  The the rough-and-tumble of big-city newsrooms and scoop-hungry reporters like Jack Newfield, Jimmy Breslin, Pete Hamell, Mike McAlary and Tom Robbins are passed or forced out by the changing newspaper business. No better example of how reporting has dumbed down was on view last night in a report on NY1 by reporter Josh Robin.  Robin is show over substance. His Snarky disattached presentation without emotion is considered cool and copied by most young reporters today. They view group acceptance over investigative product.
Robin's report last night was straight out of the Star Wars bar scene where double talk got rid of the guards.  What the NY1 reporter did not understand in his report last night about getting Thompson's reaction to Smith's arrests was that he was really talking to Svengli ventriloquist political consultant/lobbyist Hank Sheinkopf who puts words in both men's mouth and strategy into both men's game plans.  As every old political bull knows Sheinkopf has been advising and working for Smith for years and was the architect behind smith mayoral plan. As the great Wayne Barrett said in 2010 Sheinkopf makes kings so he can then make deals with the kings he’s made. So when NY1's Robin got a quote from Thompson attacking Quinn for Smith's corruption, he was really getting Sheinkopf attacking his own plan.

"I am saying the people in charge of the city council should have done something different it clearly falls on them" Bill Thompson(Robin,NY1)

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