Friday, September 14, 2012

Photo courtesy of Jeffrey Dinowitz
Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, right, congratulates Eddie McShan on his victory.
By Adam Wisnieski
Posted 9/14/12

Turnout for the rare Thursday primary on Sept. 13 was not as low as some had feared, based on accounts from poll workers and preliminary results.
But there were still no big surprises in local races.
State Sen. Adriano Espaillat held onto his seat, freshman state Sen. Gustavo Rivera can finally shed that freshman title, County-backed Eddie McShan got the nod for Second District Civil Court judge and newcomer Gabriela Rosa won a close race in Assembly District 72, which includes Marble Hill.
Though these are only the winners of the Democratic primary and everyone, except Mr. McShan, will face a GOP challenge in November, all the Democratic primary winners are expected to win in the general election.
Senate District 31
Mr. Espaillat defeated Assemblyman Guillermo Linares in the Democratic Primary for Senate District 31, which includes Marble Hill, Inwood and Washington Heights.
After suffering a defeat to Rep. Charles Rangel in the Democratic primary for Congressional District 13 in June, Mr. Espaillat trounced challenger Mr. Linares, 10,623 to 6,562 votes in the state senate race, according to preliminary results. 
Assembly District 72
There will be no Linareses in Albany next year, as Assemblyman Guillermo Linares’
daughter, Mayra Linares, lost a close race to Gabriela Rosa for Assembly District 72, which includes Marble Hill.
Ms. Rosa won 2,946 to Ms. Lineres’ 2,305 votes,
Primary Day was a sweep for the Espaillat camp. Mr. Espaillat, who won his own race, also backed Ms. Rosa against his opponent’s daughter.
Senate District 33
In Senate District 33, which includes approximately half of Kingsbridge and much of Kingsbridge Heights, freshman state Sen. Gustavo Rivera had no trouble holding onto his seat. In a low turnout race Mr. Rivera beat challenger Manny Tavarez  with 4,364 to 1,872 votes.
In the only race on the ballot for all Riverdalians and most Kingsbridge residents, Eddie McShan handily defeated Juana Valentin, 8,828 to 5,869 votes, according to preliminary results.
Second District Civil Court
Mr. McShan was backed by the Bronx County Democratic Committee and the Benjamin Franklin Reform Democratic Club, including every local elected official. At poll sites across the western half of the Bronx, staffers for Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. and Councilman Oliver Koppell handed out flyers for Mr. McShan. They also came out in force for Mr. Rivera. 

Though many poll sites in Riverdale and Kingsbridge were quiet yesterday, there was a lot of action in Marble Hill, which had a say in two big races. As of 4:40 p.m., 168 votes had been cast at the Marble Hill Community Center. Poll coordinator Paullette Shomo said that was usual for a Democratic primary and didn’t think the day being switched from a Tuesday to Thursday had any real impact. Almost three times as many Democrats voted in Upper Manhattan and Marble Hill in the Espaillat/Linares race than in the less competitive Rivera/Tavarez race.
In Riverdale at the David A. Stein Riverdale/Kingsbridge Academy, MS/HS 141, turnout was light for a primary according to workers, but considering the only race on the ballot was for a civil court judgeship, things could have been worse.
Some voters told poll workers they only showed up so they could try out the new voting system in preparation for the big November election.
Though it is against the state law to bring them back, voters and poll workers were nostalgic about the old lever voting machines.
“Closing is harder now,” said poll worker Angelica Laro, 60, who said tallying votes on the old machines was easier with the old machines.

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