Friday, May 25, 2012

Reporters Pets Who Write Whatever the Mayor and His Flacks Want, Back On Their Knees At City Hall

The Reporters of City Hall Return to Their Old Perch(NYT)After a two-year exile to a trailer outside of City Hall, New York City’s press corps is finally returning to the fabled “Room 9,” as well as to a lesser-known overflow room, which boasts a number of new media outlets. Ed Koch remembers Room 9, the City Hall press room, as full of cockroaches. He promises he doesn't mean the reporters.* Room 9, the “longest-serving City Hall bureau in American journalism” is back and open for business.


(Yourfreepress note: My observation of the City Hall reporters, after more of quarter of century covering City Hall, the reporters there do not tell their readers, their viewers and listeners the truth of what the mayor and the council are doing it.  Several reporters assigned to Room #9 Told me the following: "I would like to ask the questions you asked, but I will not get scoop from the mayor's office.)

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