Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Election to Nowhere
The Lew Fidler David Storobin election continues Monday as a fraud trial begins in Brooklyn Supreme Court.  This effort to fill the Kruger seat now more resembles an old Twilight Zone episode called Odyssey Flight 33, in which an commercial airliner breaks the time barrier and are stuck in the prehistoric age.  

Fidler and Storobin also have nowhere to go once this election which is only to fill out the remainder of Kruger's term which ends eight months from now.  Since the special election began in January redistricting eliminated the Kruger seat, the poor showing of Fidler against a political nobody (esp. in the Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods), the Weprin massacre and the entering of Dear and Felder in the race for the newly created Boro Park Orthodox seat has left Fidler with nowhere to run.

Filder Emergency Play to Save the Badly Weakened Thomas Jefferson Democratic Club
With Carl Kruger about the enter federal prison for 9 years and the real possibility of Fidler losing in Court to Storobin the council how told several club members that he will resign in January giving District Leader Frank Seddio a chance to run in a special election for his council seat.  There are two reasons why Fidler must must leave his council seat.  The First Reason Fidler will Go: His district and surrounding neighborhoods have become minority.  If Seddio was not an elected incumbent Councilman he would not have the power to  draw a district in 2013 he can win in.
Homeless Boss Seddio
Fidler understands that those fighting for more minority seats on the council would win if he did not leave and let Seddio take over.  The Second Reason Fidler Will Go: is to make sure that the Thomas Jefferson Club for the first time in a generation is not left without an elected official representing it. It is unbelievable that Frank Seddio who is often mentioned as the only real replacement for Brooklyn Boss Vito Lopez if left without an office and club in 2013. Update: Someone close to Filder said he would never leave the council until he get another job, even if it means weakening or closing the TJ Club and the non profit groups that helps the club gain support and workers in the neighborhood. The non profit groups were funded by Millennium Development who up until this year was funded by Kruger, Weiner and Filder  Pork Pig Fidler's Media Friends Put Lipstick On Him
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