Thursday, December 29, 2011

Establishment's Bloomberg Successor Interruption

The Establishment's Bloomberg Successor Interruption

Murdoch is not going along with the NYT, Bloomberg and establishment choice to become the next mayor. Post calls Quinn “serial aider-and-abetter of council chiselers and cheats”

Coming A Cuomo Puppet Mayoral Candidate

Quinn’s pork-barrel polka(NYP) The mayoral candidate speaker funneled $1.2 million in city funds from 2002 to 2009 to multiple fake non-profits he secretly controlled, while directing the bulk of the cash to salaries for his girlfriend and relatives. She also also gave ex councilman *It Looks like the pro Cuomo NYP is attacking Bloomberg's Puppet Candidate and Clearing the Way for A Cuomo puppet candidate.

Ex-Councilman Miguel Martinez currently in jail $106,000 for a non profit in which he got a $40,000 kick back. Quinn gave Hiram Monserrate $300,000 for his Latino Initiative for Better Resources and Empowerment. According to newspaper reports Monserrate use $109,000 to illegally fund a failed 2006 Senate campaign. The executive director of the Latino Initiative was Julissa Ferreras his top aide and current councilwoman.

Councilwoman Maria del Carmen Arroyo (D-Bronx) is reportedly the target of a Department of Investigation probe after directing funds to SBCC Management, a nonprofit run by her nephew. He was convicted of embezzling $200,000 — some of which went to the campaign of Arroyo’s daughter, Assemblywoman Carmen Arroyo.

The NYP Leaves Out for the Second Time the $$$ Quinn Gave Lopez

Quinn is also funds another crook. Vito Lopez’s non profit political machine Bushwick Senior Citizen Center is collecting a whopping $607,000 from the Council’s Brooklyn delegation and members Erik Martin-Dilan, Domenic Recchia, Elizabeth Crowley and Stephen Levin. Lopez like Seabrook is under federal investigation for a host of crimes. Lopez also just received $845,000 for his non profit machine from Cuomo's economic development grants.

Murdoch Woods the NYT Dumb Lie... Revenge for Times Coverage of the Hacking Investigation?

NYP resurrects its favorite photo of Sulzberger w/ a shiner
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