Saturday, February 19, 2011

* Gustavo Rivera: "Pass The Pledge"

Citizens Join Senator Rivera Urging Legislators To Keep Their Promise And Reform Albany

54 of 62 current State Senators signed “New York Uprising Heroes of Reform” pledge last November

Fueled by a clear mandate by the people to clean up Albany, Senator Gustavo Rivera (D-Bronx) joined with regular New Yorkers to film and release a video posted on, urging all 54 members of the Senate who promised to reform Albany to keep their word.

New Yorkers want Albany to change its ways and solve their problems. Senate Democrats have followed through on their promise to voters by calling for the immediate passage of ethics, independent redistricting, and budget reform legislation – the central points of former New York City Mayor Ed Koch’s reform pledge.

“New Yorkers are frustrated by the scandal, corruption and dysfunction that has plagued Albany for years and been a road block to passing common sense legislation time and time again,” Senator Rivera said. “Too often, politicians have put special interests or their own interests ahead of those they serve. I am committed to passing reforms that will help restore New Yorkers’ confidence in their government and elected officials because it is what our constituents deserve and Albany needs.”

On the first day of State Senate session, Senators designated “Heroes of Reform” by Ed Koch called on Majority Leader Dean Skelos and Senate leadership to keep their promise and pass the Mayor’s “New York Uprising Heroes of Reform” pledge as the Senate’s first order of business in the New Year.

It is clear in the video that New Yorkers want their elected officials to follow through on their promises so that the State can get back on the right track. With the public and the Senate Democrats on board, the final piece is the current Majority – begging the question, will they keep their promise and pass the pledge?

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