Monday, August 30, 2010


Not long ago, Newark, New Jersey was a cesspool of corruption and the butt of late night comedy show jokes. Former mayor Sharp James had created a fiefdom of larceny and crime of a scale that defied belief. Today, we are presented with the Bronx parallel of State Senator Pedro Espada's district. And as Corey Booker dared to unseat Sharp James, we now have the promise of Gustavo Rivera who can do the same to Pedro Espada.

Rivera is a new vision for the Bronx. Untainted by the real estate conglomerate, he has been endorsed by several political notables including Ed Koch. His academic background is a refreshing credential for a district that has been governed by leaders who have kept their constituency politically illiterate for their own convenience.

There is speculation that Rivera's other opponent, Daniel Padernacht was drafted by both Espada and assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz to siphon votes away from Rivera. In a recent turn of events, Dinowitz has covered his tracks by endorsing Rivera. As for Padernacht, one has to ask how many campaign speeches he has delivered in Spanish and even his working knowledge of Black and Latino culture.

The recession continues to loom large in the nation. In poor neighborhoods such as this 33rd district, the economic impact becomes compounded. The governance of State Senator Espada who spent $20,000 on Japanese meals in one year while the average household in his district subsisted on little more is unacceptable. Daniel Padernacht, another candidate beholden to real estate developers may show promise in future races. But for now, he should spend his time taking salsa lessons.

YFP is pleased to endorse Gustavo Rivera for state senate The future of district 33 depends on an academic approach to repair a community that has been "pimped out" by it's present leaders.

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Anonymous said...

It's a shame that a talented, promising young candidate would have to raise so much money to be taken seriously.

$500,000??? In this district??? Imagine what an impact that money would make on so many needy families in lieu of spending it on an election that he should win anyway!