Friday, March 5, 2010

Clinton: NY Dems Need To 'Stand And Deliver'

Former President Clinton opined briefly last night on the mess facing the New York Democratic Party and Gov. David Paterson.

Clinton declined to say much about the embattled governor, insisting he only knows what he reads in the papers. However, he did have some ideas what the party should do to turn itself around in a critical election year.

"I think that what the New York, the Democrats need to do is to come up with some good ideas about what to do about the current economic situation," Clinton said.

"...If you look at what happened in some of the local elections, a lot of New Yorkers believe they don’t get all the government they pay for, or they pay for more than they want, and that we have to not defend the indefensible, defend the defendable, but mostly stand and deliver."

"I think that the - it’s not a particularly ideological state in many ways. We want people who produce. I think that explains why the mayor, for example, has enjoyed support across party lines, and I think that we had a couple of casualties in the last election that were indeed unfortunate.."

Clinton referenced Tom Suozzi's loss last fall, but got the county he used to lead wrong (he said Suffolk instead of Nassau, so he wasn't too far off).

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