Saturday, January 23, 2010

Scott Brown's Hand Maiden

Republican Savior's Wife Starred Half-Naked in Music Video About Handjobs
We have now seen every member of Senator-elect Scott Brown's family in some state of undress. Here's wife Gail Huff in a bikini, coaxing a tube of sunscreen to metaphoric orgasm, in a music video from 1982.
Digney Fignus' "Girl with a Curious Hand" proves hastily-elected political upstarts are the only kind of politician worth having, in terms of embarrassing detritus they forgot to scrub from the internet. (If you care about effective governance, meh.) Before she was a Boston news anchor (and now a senator's wife) Gail Huff was the pouty, tousled-hair video girl who romps in the ocean, sheds her bikini top, and creates sexual innuendo by squeezing a tube of sunscreen, making it squirt all over the place.

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