Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Albany Cannot Fix Itself; If Sex Sells Newspapers Why Not the True News Blog?

Albany Cannot Fix Itself;
If Sex Sells Newspapers
Why Not the
True News Blog?

Today's NYDN story of the two female teachers caught naked by the school janitor in a classroom not only would make a great porn movie (staring Tiger's Holly Sampson) it shows how New York's tabloids are trying to sell newspapers. Every day the DN and NYP turn over their main news pages to this burning issue. Putting babes on has worked for fox and the news programs why not for the dying newspaper business. Language teachers Alini Brito, Cindy Mauro caught by janitor having naked romp in HS classroom

Throw the Albany Bums Out
NYP Editorial says the Only Way to Fix Albany is for incumbents to lose. They point out have Albany cleverly uses member item funds to get reelected. It was very interesting that members of Bruno's jury said their were reluctant to convict because the former majority leader of the senate did so much for their community. Bruno just understood what Tammany leaders like George Washington Plunkett tough over a hundred years ago that you can get away with graft if you give something back to the community. Plunkett did not have to deal with the federal "honest services" law which unfortunately is being challenged by other crooks in the U.S. Supreme Court. Meanwhile
the Albany cesspool looks for ways to get over this new conviction * Assemblyman: Bruno shows what is wrong with NY * Senator Bruno’s Legacy (NYT Ed)

They understand the lesson on how to keep a corrupt system going of another Tammany leader, Boss Tweed. ""The appearance of law must be upheld, especially when it's being broken." A nonsense bill to ban the use of state workers for personal business is being sold in the media as the magic pill to reform Albany. Brian McLaughlin nor Tony Seminario never used a person worker. Hank Morris was Hevesi political consultant not a staff member. Both Daniel Squadron and Eric Schneiderman have turned into grandmas pressure cooker as they try to decrease public anger with fake reforms Bruno scandal sparks new sleaze bill * Meaningless unless there is strong enforcement, according to some. (BN)Albany is so cocky with their ability to get away with everything they might not even past meaningless reforms In Albany, a Legislature Indifferent, if Not Averse, to Ethics Rules New York State’s ethics laws do not do much to deter corruption. Rather, they often enable it and even help conceal it from the public Need change of ethics in Albany, says Bruno juror The media is so clueless Albany lawmakers are working on it. (NYS Public Radio/ AP) True News wrote about the media cluelessness to the cause of the Albany corruption a year ago When Watchdogs Don't Bite

Today's NYP Editorial understand the lasting power of
Albany's Incumbent Protection Society

Real Problem: Incumbents are re-elected literally 98 percent of the time, not Bruno followed the lack of laws (TU) "Albany's real problem isn't so much that lawmakers take bribes, but that they give them. Using tax dollars. This year alone, they spent $170 million in public funds on "member items" -- pork-barrel projects -- intended chiefly to buy votes in their districts. And they routinely appropriate hun dreds of millions in pension and work-rule sweeteners for public-employee unions, while lavishing billions more on New York's well-connected health-care cartel. n the wake of the Bruno trial come sincere calls for tougher ethics laws. But corruption is embedded in Albany's DNA -- it's systemic, pervasive and quite impervious to the quick fix. Change won't come without a cleansing of the political establishment -- a process voters may well have begun last month by booting some entrenched pols, like Westchester Executive Andrew Spano and Nassau Executive Tom Suozzi. If that continues, there's hope. If it doesn't -- well, there isn't. It's that simple." (NYP Ed) The Albany cesspool

Non Profits Battle for Public Office Again
Jose Peralta campaign against Hiram Monserrate just demenstrights how important non profit's member items have become to campaigns. Democrats to back Assemblyman Jose Peralta vs. disgraced Hiram Monserrate In today's NYDN we see the results of Monserrate's team research to put down his challenger Assemblyman Jose Peralta scored $500,000 in taxpayer funds for inactive nonprofit Jose Peralta landed more than $500,000 in taxpayer money for a nonprofit that never filed federal tax records, has no employees and has been inactive for more than two years. The cleaver Monserrate which now include friends of Joe Tacopina are old bulls who know how to win. Look what they did in court! MONSERRATE PAYS PR FIRM TO BOOST IMAGE. What the NYDN left out is that Monserrate has he own non profit election organization, Libre Monserrate Campaign Connected to Director of Dysfunctional Nonprofit

Earlier this year race pitting incumbent councilwoman Diana Reyna beat back a challenge by a Vito Lopez back candidate was really a fight over the money making “Broadway Triangle"
Bermuda ‘Triangle’! Huge controversy over city’s East Williamsburg housing project
It was really a fight over which non profit would get the millions, Reyna St. Nicks or Vito Lopez Bushwick Senior Citizens to run their campaigns and make millions for their friends. It won't hurt they bank account either Bargaining for Brooklyn: insights into Vito Lopez's influence and how affordable housing lotteries work * Growth of a New-Age Political Machine

Bloomberg's Matrix Mayor Fights Over Power, Not Money NYT JIM DWYER does a good job of showing up what the reason for the fight between the Bloomberg and the Manhattan DA. For the last two weeks the media master mayor used the press to attack Morgenthau on a fake issue, bank accounts. "Some weeks back, the state attorney general’s office sent the city a request for records of the city’s Economic Development Corporation, one of these invisible public agencies wearing the costume gowns of a nonprofit operation. The attorney general, Andrew M. Cuomo, was looking into a report that the city, through the Economic Development Corporation, was the source of funds for lobbyists who helped persuade the City Council to condemn land in Willets Point, Queens. It is illegal for a not-for-profit corporation to use city money for lobbying" (Dwyer NYT) Bloomberg's campaign issue that he has improved the school system, while it has not been discredited is in trouble because of test scores Fuzzy math behind NY test gains: critics New York City fourth- and eighth-graders have made little if any improvement since 2007 on the "gold standard" national math test * National Test Scores Show Stalled Progress For City Kids

Alice's Mad Hatter Kruger and the M.T.A., Again ""Our ability to budget is only as good as our ability to forecast. . . Furthermore, our projections were based on the fiscal year rather than the calendar year. . . It is my hope that the MTA will not create an atmosphere of confusion or a needless sense of unrest."Albany says no bailout for MTA after payroll tax fails * Running off the rails: Blame Albany incompetents for upcoming transit service cuts * Mayor Bloomberg warns MTA chairman Jay Walder that transit financial crisis is tall order Bloomberg called the MTA "A piggy bank that keeps getting raided." What about by campaigns? We are still waiting for the Mayor's campaign promise free crosstown buses. A bigger tall order.


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